City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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EIFF 2011 Blog w/ The Divide director Xavier Gens

The Divide

The other stand-out piece for me at this year’s festival was the grim post-apocalyptic movie by French director Xavier Gens, The Divide.

EIFF - Days 4 & 5: The Good, The Bad and the BBC


I've just come out of a screening of 'My Brothers', thought it was a lovely little movie from first time writer Will Collins and first time director Paul Fraser.

EIFF - Day 3: "If it bleeds, we can review it..."

EIFF Horror

On Day three I decided to catch up with the actual films of the festival and try to leave the critical theory behind me for a day.

EIFF - Day 2: Project New Cinephilia

New Cinephilia at Inspace

My second day was almost entirely consumed by the day-long symposium that was Project: New Cinephilia. This seminar-esque attempt to create meaningf

Edinburgh International Film Festival: Day One - Calm Before The Storm


It’s underway then, and as we speak glasses of wine are being poured and the viewing public is preparing to decide what it thinks of opening night film,

EIFF Preview: "Everybody be cool this is a Film Festival!"

Like this jeep in Troll Hunter, EIFF 2011 hopes to turn things on their head.

It’s almost upon us. The badges are being handed out, the delegate booklet is in my possession and the premiere is all set for Wednesday night. What should we be getting excited about then?

EIFF Preview: "Remember Elliott, it's raining..."

Despite the rain, there was a fair crowd gathered to watch ET in Festival Square

During the summer the Filmhouse, in association with Edinburgh International Film Festival, put on a number of outdoor screenings. This summer Film Four are planning something similar. The outdoor cinema has never really taken off in the UK – presumably something to do with the weather? – but I caught The Jungle Book last year and it was a fantastic experience.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Preview: Aristotle Recall


The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, was no stranger to intrigue. Controversy and rumour weave seamlessly into a life story that also includes great works of poetry, tragedy and ethical musings.

Edinburgh International Film Festival Preview: What Should We Expect?

What should we expect from this years Film Festival?

Now that the dust has settled on the launch it seems appropriate to take stock.

Getting Ready For EIFF Programme Launch

Promo image for the EIFF 2011

The 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival draws ever closer, with the programme launch this Tuesday and the EIFF itself starting in a month. So what should we expect from the much discussed, but still uncertain "ambitious transformation" of the festival?

Edinburgh Shows No Sign of Waking From Hogmanay Dream

Edinburgh Hogmanay 2011

An estimated 80,000 people descended upon the City Centre for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebration last night.

Hidden Door Festival: The Garden of Poetry

Hidden Door 2

The first thing to say about the Hidden Door, is that it there is a lot to say.

Edinburgh International Book Festival: Night and Day

With over a week of the Edinburgh International Book Festival behind us I feel like it’s time to reflect.

Edinburgh International Book Festival Blog: Opening Day 2010

This morning there was a less-than-bloody pitched battle between Richard Holloway, Richard Harries and author of the His Dark Material trilogy, Philip Pullman.