City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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ConDem Broadcasting Minister Jeremy Hunt gets Big Brother powers

A report from the annual Scottish conference of the Voice of the Listeners and Viewers in Edinburgh Friday 5 November 2010. Part 1.

First Year Broadcasting at Leith FM

In Spring 2003 volunteers from Leith Festival ran Leith FM 1, a successful short term broadcast (RSL) over the Leith Festival week. In Winter 2003/4 Leith Community Mediaworks (LCM) was set-up to deliver Community Radio & TV for and by the people of Leith.

Potted History of Leith FM Before Launch

Leith FM History at 13/12/06

Shame of our Political Masters

Prior to Thatcher the notion of borrowing tens of thousands of pounds just to get on with life was WRONG!

Rip it up and start again


Maoism…Rip it up and start again.

We face a dangerous democratic deficit across Scotland and apparently without an alternative. I propose we take action ourselves.

Comedy Kicks Ass Big Picture

Comedy Kicks Ass.jpg

The thumbnail of this picture by Norrie Stewart does the humour little justice as the 'Comedy Kicks Ass' title can't be easily seen on the original article.

Tory Grandee Falls Flat On His Face at Holyrood.... Is War Ever Justified?

by Norrie Stewart

"Malky", aka Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP QC & all the rest, made a spectacular entrance at the Scottish Parliament Festival of Politics by carpet surfing onto the stage f

Hingin oot at Holyrood

Jenny Ha