City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Funeral for John Ritchie - Friday 14 March 2014

We have just heard that the funeral for John Ritchie, who was the Editor of, will take place on Friday, 14th March 2014 at 1.30pm at Rosslyn Chapel

Sad death of John Ritchie

John Ritchie

The very sad news was received over the weekend of the untimely death of John Ritchie, who was one of the founder members of this website way back well over

Edinburgh Trams - Taking the Tram to Bankruptcy?

Edinburgh Trams at Depot

Information has at last been released by Edinburgh City Council admitting that the tram project is going to run at an operating loss for the next fifteen years - which is a fact that the critics of

Edinburgh Trams - Does the City Really Want Them by Christmas?

Today's article in The Scotsman promising the beleaguered citizens of Edinburgh "the tram by Christmas" might be seen by some more of a threat than a promise.

Edinburgh Trams - Making the City More Dangerous?

Edinburgh Council has just accepted a report from Council officials that deaths from traffic accidents were 43% above target.

Edinburgh Trams - Council to Pay for Concessionary Travel

Transport Convenor, Lesley Hinds, has announced that the City Council will pay for the extension of the concessionary travel scheme to all those who wish to travel on the light railway "tram&q

Edinburgh Trams; the final straw - another tram for the museum? Is this a record?

You would think that the delivery of the last tram to make up the 27 that we will have clogging up the Gogar Depot, that this was some sort of a major triumph in the way it was reported in the pres

Edinburgh Trams - Traders and Residents Await Tram with Foreboding

All the hype from Edinburgh City Council about the early arrival of the Edinburgh trams has left traders and residents fearful for the outcome of this

Edinburgh Trams - the "gravy train" uncovered!

What Edinburgh City Council doing sending a team of tram fact finders half way round the world to Melbourne?

Edinburgh Trams - Council Officials Conceal Figures for the Real Epidemic

The recent Legionella outbreak in the SW of Edinburgh has so far claimed two deaths and has been made front page news in the national press, radio and TV.   What the public is not be

Edinburgh Trams - Officials Uneasy as New Administration Looms

Sue Bruce and her officials must be somewhat uneasy as the Local Authority election tomorrow (Thursday, 3 May) draw closer.&

Edinburgh Trams - A Blight on Business

Sources say that Edinburgh City Council are going to make available some £5,000,000 for businesses which have suffered financial losses as a result of the ongoing disastrous tram project.&nbs

Edinburgh Trams - "Tram Shop" idea branded as "ludicrous"

Edinburgh trams - a watchword for incompetence and what has become the business model round the world for "how not to run a project" have just

Edinburgh Trams - Gridlock and Financial Ruin

Well it looks as though Edinburgh Council's Lib Dem/SNP administration has finally done for the city with its chaotic tram project and has finally broug

Borders Railway - who really wants it?

With all the Scottish Government hype over the Borders Railway one actually wonders who really want

Edinburgh Trams - Council fearful of more bad press opt for secrecy

Tram works in Shandwick Place 2012

The refusal of Edinburgh City Council to reveal the cost of the pay-off for former trams head Richard Jeffery is just  the same as the banks giving

Edinburgh Trams - Toxic Tram Project a Financial Disaster

On the day that we are told that the contractors of the Edinburgh trams project may have dumped 

Edinburgh Trams Huge Damage to the Environment

The reports that the hugely unpopular Edinburgh trams project has caused the City Council to cut down some

Edinburgh Trams Earn City a Private Eye 'Rotten Borough' Award

That well known and very popular satirical magazine, "Private Eye"  has given Edinburgh an award under its

Edinburgh Tram Works Stifle the City

Ainslie Place traffic congestion

Why has the City Council decided it must punish its citizens?