International Festival Announces £8 Ticket Deals

Submitted by edg on Tue, 9 Aug '11 8.38am

Yesterday being 8th August, or 8/8, the Edinburgh International Festival press office released a cute press release announcing £8 ticket deals for under-26 year olds. Sounds like excellent value, if you qualify (proof of age required).

Every day of the EIF, from 13th August to 3rd September, the EIF 8 page will carry a list of the day's shows on offer.

"8" tickets will be on sale at EIF venues – Usher Hall, Playhouse, Lyceum, Queen’s Hall, Festival Theatre, King’s Theatre and The Hub.

Here's what the EIF has to say about 8:

"8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture because the word sounds similar to the word for ‘wealth’.

8 was a holy number in ancient Japan.

There are 8 notes on a diatonic musical scale.

8 apparitions appear to Macbeth to represent the 8 decendents of the murdered Banquo.

The Edinburgh International Festival starts in the 8th month of every year, August.

£8 is all you’ll pay for Edinburgh International Festival tickets on the day if you’re 26 or under."

Cards and posters around Edinburgh feature the 8 QR code. When you snap the code with your smart phone it'll take you to the 8 web site.

The EIF is also running 50% discounts for under 18s and students in full time education, and to senior citizens, unemployed people, Young Scot, Equity and MU card holders.