City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Assembly Says Wear a Kilt Get In Free

By edg - Posted on 30 July 2012

Assembly is promising members of the public who come to Communicado's Tam O’Shanter at Assembly Hall at noon dressed in a kilt will receive a free ticket for the Fringe show.

"Kilt wearers in search of a free ticket should present themselves to the box office at Assembly Hall by 11.30am," says Assembly.

Edinburgh based theatre company Communicado's production is based on Burns’ classic poem, Tam O'Shanter, voted Burns' most popular poem in a YouGov poll earlier this year. The vivid and dramatic poem includes many of Burns’ favourite themes - work, religion, poverty, courtship, entertainment, love and death - making it ripe for dramatisation. 

The Communicado production, first performed at Perth Theatre in 2009, augments the poem with other material from the bard's work, including part of his cantata, The Jolly Beggars.

Director Gerry Mulgrew says, “this is a hell of a romp and what better way to get the audience in the mood than to have the swirl of the kilt around the auditorium. Whilst our actors will be following the traditional course of underwear for the production we shall not be inspecting audience members to make sure they follow suit.”

The wear-a-kilt offer runs from from 2nd – 9th August. Note tickets are limited "based on availability", no doubt in case a tartan army descends on Assembly Hall. The show runs until 26th August.