City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Bike Station Launches Edinburgh Innertube Map

By edg - Posted on 28 February 2011

Innertube Edinburgh

Anyone who cycles regularly in Edinburgh will probably be familiar with the SPOKES cycle map, with its detailed breakdown of Edinburgh roads and rides.

The Bike Station has now launched a new bike map.

Why another map, you might ask? The SPOKES map does a very good job already.

The map isn't meant to be a substiute for the SPOKES map, explains the Bike Station site

"We wanted something that just showed the off-street paths, and not just as a map for navigation, but as something that would double as a poster for cycling in the city, something that would show just how extensive the network of paths is for commuter and leisure journeys, and not just for cyclists but for walkers too."

Dubbed the Edinburgh City Cycleways Innertube map, it originally takes its name from the London tube maps. You can see the resemblance when you download the map as a  PDF or if you pick up a hard copy from the Bike Station itself.

It's useful to see the existing cyclepaths laid out in such a way that you can assess the reach of the network of safe cyclepaths - particularly when linking up with train stations.