City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

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Edinburgh Trams Will Stop at Haymarket

Tram works on Princes Street (June 2009)

The Edinburgh tram line will now only go from Edinburgh Airport to Haymarket after Labour and Conservative Councillors today voted to rescind an earlier decision to continue the line to St Andrew Square.

Edinburgh City Council Report: How We'll Pay For the Trams

Following the 30th June decision to press ahead with building a curtailed tramline to St Andrew Square, and yesterday's announcement that private company Turner &

Less Than A Quarter of Electorate Vote in Edinburgh By-election

Less than a quarter of the electorate turned out for yesterday's City Centre ward by-election. The seat was narrowly held by the SNP party candidate Alasdair Rankin.

Whither Now For the Forest?

Forest entrance

Freewheeling arts collective The Forest have put out a strongly worded press release expressing how "stunned" they are at the decision to remove them from their venue at the end of the run of the Fringe.

How's Your Festival Going?

Fliering in dressing gown on Middle Meadow Walk

We're around about the half-way mark of the Edinburgh Fringe (if you include preview dates), and I thought it would be a good time to take stock of how this year's Festival is going.

International Festival Announces £8 Ticket Deals

Yesterday being 8th August, or 8/8, the Edinburgh International Festival press office released a cute press release announcing £8 ticket deals for under-26 year olds. Sounds like excellent value, if you qualify (proof of age required).

Pleasance Boss Unveils Plans Ahead

Fringe 2011: Anthony of Pleasance Puts Head on the Line

It was the Pleasance's turn to launch their programme yesterday (Saturday). Walking to the launch in Pleasance Grand theatre you get a real sense of just what an expansive complex the Pleasance Courtyard venue has turned into. 

Over a quarter century of the charity piling back all its profits into its operation means that there are now theatres and bars everywhere at Pleasance Courtyard.

Fringe Previews: C Venues, Gilded Balloon, Bedlam Theatre

Fascinating Aida

Day one of the Fringe: it's been a warm, bright day in Edinburgh today.

Fringe 2011: Just the Tonic and Underbelly Mix It Up

Worbey & Farrell play Für Elise while making cocktail

Fringe minus 1. It's late, and a few hours from now more venues start rolling out their preview shows: Thursday sees previews from C Venues, the Bedlam, Zoo, and the Gilded Balloon to name a few. So I should be in bed.

Tour De Edinburgh Fringe Venues Around Midnight

Arches going up on the high Street

It has begun. The Edinburgh Fringe is upon us. Officially the Fringe doesn't kick off until the 5th August, but there is already a multitude of preview shows on at Gilded Balloon Teviot, The Pleasance, C Venues, Assembly George Square, to name a few of the venues.

George Square's Triple-tented Nostalgia Trip

Spiegel Tent in George Square

With the sun still with us it seemed like an opportune time to investigate the recently erected tented village at George Square.

Half Price Tattoo Preview Tickets On Sale Monday

Pipes and drums at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Half-price preview tickets for the hugly popular Edinburgh Military Tattoo at Edinburgh Castle go on sale tomorrow morning (10am, Monday, 25th July). The preview performance is on the 4th August at 9.30pm.

Crowds Descend on Grassmarket For Jazz Fest Mardi Gras

Jazz Fest 2011: Dancing ladies

The crowds were out for the Edinburgh Jazz Festival Mardi Gras in the Grassmarket today. After weeks of overcast, wet weather, and the recent deluge that, in Morningside, saw flash floods washing cars down the road and pedestrians wading waist-deep up the street, the festival organisers must have breathed a collective sigh of relief that the event was not another wash-out.

Rough Gem, Castlehill Garden Open Late July and August

Castle Hill Garden

One of the side-effects of this unusually dreich Edinburgh Summer, is that there have been fewer people meandering around Edinburgh's parks. Take Castlehill garden: I was walking in this rough, unkempt hillscape, smack in the middle of the city under Edinburgh Castle, a couple of evenings ago. The only sign of life, apart from the distant hum of buses on Princes Street, were a few rabbits munching in the undergrowth.

Where are Edinburgh's Cross Pedestrians?

Pedestrian Signal on Queen Street, Edinburgh

In spite of its hills, Edinburgh's compact size lends itself nicely to the pedestrian. Anyone of moderate fitness can walk from one place to another quite easily within Edinburgh's New Town and Old Town and a little more energetic stretch of the legs will transport you beyond the centre to outlying Edinburgh areas such as Leith, Murrayfield, Stockbridge, and Newington.

Edinburgh Trams Turn A Corner

Edinburgh Tram on Princes Street

The end of the road is still some way off, but after several hours of debate late into the evening on Thursday, at 11.15pm the Edinburgh Trams turned a corner. The Liberal Democrat dominated Edinburgh City Council voted to continue building the Edinburgh tramline into Edinburgh City Centre.

Three Edinburgh Trams Options, One Square.

St. Andrew Square Gardens

With Edinburgh City Council's crunch vote on the future of the trams due on Thursday 30th June we should at least agree on the name of the destination. Of the three options, the one recommended by the authors of the Edinburgh Tram Project report, is to build the tram into the City Centre.

Edinburgh Residents Ask First Minister To Be "More Active" On Trams

Tram displayed on Princes Street

Following the outcry over the anticipated cost overruns for the crisis hit Edinburgh trams project, Alex Salmond today in first minister's question time called a public inquiry into the project "an excellent thing to do". Salmond and the SNP did not support the trams from the start, and have kept their distance from the project and its ongoing woes, saying it should be dealt with by Edinburgh City Council.

Up to £740m To Scrap Edinburgh Trams Project

Tram works on Princes Street (June 2009)

Edinburgh City Council is due to meet on 30th June to decide on what direction to continue with the Edinburgh trams project.

Edinburgh Man Outed as "Gay Girl In Damascus"

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Especially, if the author - writing via an anonymous Blogger account - purports to be A Gay Girl in Damascus.