City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Chris Hoy Edinburgh Half Marathon 5th April

By Editor - Posted on 02 April 2009

Keeping pace

If you are taking part in this year's Chris
Hoy Edinburgh Half Marathon and hoping to achieve a certain time or beat your
PB (personal best), event sponsor New Balance has kitted out a team of five of
the best local runners to help you keep pace.

The New Balance pacing team is made up of experienced
runners from one of Scotland's top running clubs, the Carnegie Harriers.  Each pacer will take a time slot - 1:30,
1:45, 2:00, 2:15 and 2:30, and if any of those times are your target, you can
run with them, without having to keep pace yourself.

Founding member Iain Taylor, from
Dunfermline, is the 1:45 pacer, he said, "In the past, as a running club we
have helped to marshal the Edinburgh half, so this year we are all really
looking forward to pacing the event, it should be great fun.

"There is a new course this year, which I
personally haven't run yet, but it looks as though there is a drop in elevation
at the start compared to past years, so runners should be able to record a fast
time on a generally flatter course."

Iain formed the Carnegie Harriers back in
1991 after going out one night for a run with a friend.  18 years later, with over 500 members passed
through the club and 170 regular runners, he never dreamed it would take off
like it has.

Harriers member of five years, Andy Durham,
will be leading the field with the 1:30 pace group.  In his late 20's, he is capable of running a
72-73 minute half marathon, but will be slowing the pace down a touch for
Edinburgh.  Kieran Morgan will pick up
the 2:00 group, which is a popular target for half marathon runners.  Kieran's passion was golf, but a few years
ago he tried running, joined the Harriers and has never looked back.

For those of you running 10 minute miles, the
2:15 pace group will be led by two year member of the Harriers, John Fulham.   Bringing up the rear, athletics coach Angela
Sharp will be fronting the 2:30 group.

As well as making sure you get round in
time, the New Balance pacers will be able to offer you expert running advice
and guide you on how best to tackle the course. 
Iain commented, "My advice to runners would be to start off
steadily.  There is always the temptation
on race day to set off too quickly, and seeing as the new course starts
downhill, this will be where lots of people could slip up.  Keep yourself well hydrated and take on water
at the stations as you need it.

"If you have friends taking part try to run
as a group and help each other along.  If
you run with one of the pacers we will help you all get round and offer support
and motivation when it gets tough.  The
best way to achieve your target time is to run an even, balanced race, and we
are there to help you do that."

Commenting on the Chris Hoy Edinburgh HHHHjsdhdjdjdwesvdcnawvsdgweytgdJKHDSJKFHKHKFin
general, Iain added, "It is a tremendous race; good value for money and it has
built itself up to being one of the best half marathons in Scotland.  It's timing in the running calendar makes it
a great preparation race for the full Edinburgh Marathon in May.

Iain concluded, "My final piece of advice
to runners is to get out there and enjoy it; that is all that really matters in
the end."

The New Balance pacers will be meeting at
the New Balance tent at Meadowbank Stadium from 8am.  You will be able to see them on the start
line by the red boards which they will be holding in the air with their
allotted times, or by PACER and their time printed on the back of their

For more information contact Chris Simon on

0115 9258 777 or email