City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Pop-up Restaurant Business Caters To Home Diners

By Jean West - Posted on 13 May 2015

Bark-like seeded crackers and your own hands scoop up the strained-yoghurt and wild-garlic starter course. For mains, a satisfying sticky-malt roasted chicken leg with a range of vivid-coloured dips and potato and coriander-stuffed flat bread further open the palate for culinary debate. Dessert officially: honey parfait in biscuit crumbs.

All of this delivered that warm stuffed after-dinner feeling that's hard to remedy in a restaurant. But convivial comfy sofas and piped-in background music with friends in a venue of your choice? Why has no-one thought of it before?

I'm sure they have but this was my first encounter with a school of catering that seemed to have just about every consideration sewn-up, including the table decorations. Jane-Anne and Douglas hosted tonight’s soiree at the Sound House at Royal Park Crescent.

Higginson, a chef and Brown, front-of-house wiz, rolled out an ambitious banquet for 28 interesting friends all from disparate backgrounds and all with a passion for something new. The pair now has ambitious plans for this year with meals and buffets with a big difference.

You just need a kitchen, fuel, tables and chairs and the will for a slick, smoothly-timed dinner party with real charisma. Kith and Kin will do the rest.

So, if you want to give home-cooking a whirl without ever lifting a finger and experience an engaging evening with friends without getting frazzled in the kitchen watch this space. Consensus: yummy.

Prices are open to negotiation depending on event.

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