City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Top Restaurants Get Slated

By Anonymous - Posted on 13 December 2007


A young Scottish business has proved that its products hold appeal beyond the individual shopper looking for a unique gift. Michelin-starred chefs Gordon Ramsay and Martin Wishart have recently snapped up The Just Slate Company’s unique product line for their restaurants in Edinburgh and London. The Fife-based company who specialise in coasters and table mats formed from locally crafted slate has proved that simplicity and authenticity goes a long way in the competitive homeware market.

Just Slate began life in a Kirkcaldy garage in 1998. Bought over in October 2006 by Scottish-born Donny Carstairs, the business has grown to become a key supplier of slate homeware products at home and abroad. Carstairs’ enthusiasm has pushed first year sales up by 70% and has seen productivity double. Aware of his green responsibilities, Carstairs also reconsidered the products’ material and packaging and has reduced his outgoings and impact on the environment simultaneously.

Skilled craftsmen and women take exceptional care when creating the slate products. Attention to detail is paramount throughout the production process at the Kirkcaldy factory. The slate is expertly selected, cut and shaped before being oiled and packaged resulting in slate products of outstanding quality.

Carstairs commented:

“Slate is a natural product formed over millions of years and no two pieces are the same. That means that every item we produce is unique in both contour and shade - something our craftsmen and women are adept at accentuating.”

In the coming year, Carstairs aims to increase Just Slate’s customer base in the UK and plans to participate in gift fairs across the country. The company also plans to develop opportunities for online sales in the US and Europe with the launch of their new website.

The Just Slate Company

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The Just Slate Company products have been purchased by:

Restaurant Martin Wishart

Gordon Ramsay Holdings

The Just Slate Company products can be found in the following retail outlets:

John Lewis

Range of products in the UK includes:





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