City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh International Festival 2013 Launches

Don Quichotte du Trocadéro José Montalvo

Frank Zappa, a Leonardo da Vinci anatomy exhibition, chinese heavy metal, and a theatrical journey to a "new Earth" can all be found at this year's

Edinburgh Science Festival: "Sociable" Science For Adults

SciFest Late Lab patterns

The 25th Edinburgh International Science Festival (23 March-7 April) will be opening its doors in the evening with a serie

The dilemma for Gay Christians

Many are left bewildered at the sudden departure of Edinburgh’s Cardinal Archbishop, Keith O’Brien, for almost twenty eight years resident at St Benet’s in Church Hill.

Edinburgh Music Theatre meets Mad Men as they go back to the ‘60s with new show

Adam Scott Pringle is J Pierrepont Finch

Edinburgh Music Theatre goes back to the ‘60s with new show

Edinburgh Trams - Making the City More Dangerous?

Edinburgh Council has just accepted a report from Council officials that deaths from traffic accidents were 43% above target.

Edinburgh Trams - Council to Pay for Concessionary Travel

Transport Convenor, Lesley Hinds, has announced that the City Council will pay for the extension of the concessionary travel scheme to all those who wish to travel on the light railway "tram&q

Trad Fest Edinburgh

Tradfest celebrates the arts of tradition at local, national and international contexts, combining authentic cultural sources with contemporary edge and flair.

Discover the Story of NOOR through Dance Theatre from America

Felicia Norton in Labyrinth Dance Theater's NOOR

American dance company Labyrinth Dance Theater, Sasha Spielvogel Artistic Director, is making a fleeting visit to Edinburgh at the beginning of February, with NOOR, a solo dance piece performed by Fel

Edinburgh Trams; the final straw - another tram for the museum? Is this a record?

You would think that the delivery of the last tram to make up the 27 that we will have clogging up the Gogar Depot, that this was some sort of a major triumph in the way it was reported in the pres

BURNSFEST at Scottish Storytelling Centre backed by Fiona Hyslop MSP

Christine Kydd

Over 250 years after his birth, Robert Burns’ influence on Scottish language and culture is alive and well.

Road Closures Over 2012/13 Hogmanay

Edinburgh City Council is warning people that a number of roads will be subject to closures and parking restrictions over the next few days.

Fiddle 2012: The UK's biggest and best Fiddle Festival in its 16th year

Fiddle 2012, Edinburgh's annual fiddle festival, is back at the Queen’s Hall this month Friday 16 – Sunday 18 November 2012

Gaelic Culture, Music, Performance and Song Showcased at the Scottish Storytelling Centre

Gaelic musical traditions and influences are thriving throughout Scotland, with the strong impact of the Gaelic cultural revival over recent years heavily influenced by the inextricable link between l

Edinburgh Trams - Traders and Residents Await Tram with Foreboding

All the hype from Edinburgh City Council about the early arrival of the Edinburgh trams has left traders and residents fearful for the outcome of this

Perthshire Amber 2012

Dougie by the Tay2smw.jpg

Amber Alert: WARNING some seriously great music due to thunder across Perthshire from 26 October

The Railway Man Remembered

Eric Lomax, who wrote movingly about his experiences of being tortured as a Japanese POW and his subsequent reconcilation with one of his torturers, died on Monday at the age of 93.

Queen Amang the Heather: The Life of Belle Stewart in performance

Queen Amang the Heather

First Reading of a new play about the life of Belle Stewart, a cultural icon, and Scottish Traditional Traveller, feted throughout the world for her ballad singing.

MENSA To Hold IQ Tests in Edinburgh

Mensa are inviting the people of Edinburgh to discover their IQ score at a Mensa IQ test session.

Families’ Mid-term Magic Storytelling Populates Edinburgh for Storytelling Festival

Because our passion for fairy tales starts at a young age, with the human mind intrinsically hard-wired to respond to stories, the Scottish International Storytelling Festival is delighted to present