City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Community Recycling Centres

As well as several hundred recycling banks dotted around the city, Edinburgh City Council runs four Community Recycling Centres (CRC) where Edinburgh households can take recyclable materials and toxic waste such as old car batteries.

These include:

  • bottles (glass and plastic)
  • paper
  • packaging
  • cans
  • car batteries
  • engine oil
  • garden waste
  • scrap metals
  • solid wood
  • electrical and electronic goods

CRC Locations

  1. Bankhead Avenue, Sighthill, EH11 4EA
  2. Old Dalkeith Road, Craigmillar (just past Cameron Toll Shopping Centre)
  3. Fillyside Road, Seafield

CRC Times


Monday to friday 8am till 7.30pm and Saturday and sunday 8am till 6pm


Map of recycling points around the city