City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

How can Edinburgh Council meet its ambitious Charter of Brussels target of 15% of trips by bike in 2020?

By edg - Posted on 14 September 2009

Cyclists on Teviot Place
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When you consider that in a city such as Copenhagen, where the Earth Summit is being held in December, over 35% of citizens commute to work by bike, the goal of 15% bicycle ridership in Edinburgh by 2020 doesn't seem that ambitious.

However, Edinburgh is starting from a low base. According to figures from 2006 only 4% of Edinburgh residents commuted to work by bike and 43% commute by car or van. On the positive side, many of us walk to work (23% of us commuted on foot), but clearly there's scope for raising the number of cyclists.

Are Edinburgh roads safe enough? Is it convenient enough to cycle in Edinburgh? Do businesses provide enough facilities for cyclists?

Edinburgh Sustainable transport and cycling consultant Richard Armitage will address these and other questions in a presentation/discussion on how Edinburgh can improve cycle use. Armitage will illustrate what has been achieved in some European towns and cities.

The event, hosted by SPOKES, is one of a number of events being organised as part of European Mobility Week (16-22 Sept).

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