International Day Of Biodiversity

Submitted by edg on Tue, 23 Mar '10 10.06pm

This year's theme "Biodiversity and Development" is a thorny one considering that the biggest threat to biodiversity is (surprise!) from human growth and development. Habitat destruction, over-consumption of the planet's finite resources (such as fish), and climate change are all the result of humanity's constant growth. The anticipated changes in climate over the next 100 years are expected to have a major negative impact on the survival rates of many species of flora and fauna.

World Biodiversity Day features high profile and smaller events aimed at raising awareness and developing momentum on biodiversity issues. In Paris, the Champs-Elysees will be cleared of traffic and blanketed with grass, flowers and trees for three days in May. Here in Edinburgh, events announced so far include a Botanics Biodiversity Walk (2-3.30pm, £4). Events will also include case showcase studies where multiple stakeholders discuss the pressures on, and management of, specific ecosystems.

World Biodiversity Day is followed next month by the 18th Commonwealth Forestry Conference at the EICC.