Grassroots Climate Exchange

Submitted by edg on Fri, 7 Jan '11 11.12am

How can staff and students make the necessary changes to achieve a low carbon world? Inspired by student groups, students' associations, and the growing Transition movement, colleges and universities are leading the way. Times/venue TBA

In March 2011 we will gather in Edinburgh to share practical-action solutions to climate change. Join us for:

A celebration of environmental practical projects already happening at universities and colleges, including learning from the champions of the Scottish Young Green List, and the incredible success of Transition Edinburgh University.

  • Creating exciting practical projects on food, waste, energy, travel and consumption.
  • Using art, craft, film, and photography to engage and inspire.
  • How students and staff can work together to create change.
  • How to engage people to rethink their lifestyles.
  • How grassroots leadership can drive long-term cultural change.
  • Universities and colleges in their surrounding communities.
  • What should university and college institutions be doing, including fulfilling the Universities & Colleges Climate Commitment for Scotland (UCCCfS)?

Plenty of open space to share ideas and experiences.

With attendees from colleges and universities, and confirmed contributions from:

  • Transition Edinburgh University
  • People & Planet
  • Scottish Sustainable Development Forum
  • NUS Scotland
  • Environmental Association of Universities & Colleges Scotland
  • Transition Scotland Support
  • St. Andrews Transition
  • University of St. Andrews Environment Team
  • AUSA's Climate Change Project
  • Organised by Transition Edinburgh University and People & Planet. Funded by the Climate Challenge Fund.