City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Exhibition Opening Night: Doorways to the Divine | Icon painting

By St Margaret Hou... - Posted on 04 January 2015

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Opening Night for the Doorways to the Divine Exhibition (Saturday 17 January - Sunday 8 February, 10am-6pm).

Curated by Basia Mindewicz of the Edinburgh School of Icon Painting, Doorways to the Divine features work by six artists who are exploring the idea of art as a spiritual path. Some of the work on show is inspired by the traditions of Christian or Buddhist iconography, depicting figures such as angels which symbolize states of prayer and contemplative vision. Others are interested in the possibility of directly channelling imagery from a universal spiritual source.

By showing their work together, the aim is to create a reflective, sacred space in which visitors may find a sense of sanctuary - and their own doorways to the divine.

Gallery 3, St Margaret's House

Free admission. All welcome.