Art residency event: Tim Vincent-Smith - Sound Shape

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0131 661 1924
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0131 661 1924

Strange Attractor is the culminating event of Tim Vincent-Smith's gallery residency, Sound Shape.

He will be joined by his acoustic improvisation trio Sink and special guests.

Tickets for Strange Attractor are £7.

Sound Shape residency

During his residency, running 16 February to 1 March (10am-6pm daily), Vincent-Smith intends to explore aspects of Sound and Shape using gravity, space and chance.

Experiments include the construction of a playable cube out of three upright pianos cut in half front and back, large scale pendular carpet painting workshops and a prototype harmonographic projection machine.

Hum a note to yourself.

What is the shape of that sound?

I have no idea. Neither do I know what colour it is.

What if a hundred people read this and hum to themselves? What if they can all hear each other? How does that feel?

When we say that space is in three dimensions what do we mean?

If I throw a bouncy ball at a piano in a gallery is it music or sculpture?

Is it science?