City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Harp Festival: Park Stickney / Gabriella Dall'Olio

By Rachel Hair - Posted on 26 February 2018

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Strictly Stickney: In its search for sustainable happiness (but not in a cult-y way), this solo version of “Stickney & Friends” will explore unfettered solitude and active forgetfulness, the manic zen sound of 1 harp plucking. Through song and dance, but without either, yet with the “letting go” reminiscent of an earlier, busier, noisier, time, Stickney will assemble and dissemble his way through a concert’s worth of flimflam and verisimilitude. And harp playing.

Gabriella Dall’Olio ....Plenty of strings attached...and Pedals! Gabriella will transport us on the magical wings of a harp on a musical journey through Italy and beyond. Her programme will feature popular and less well known music including music by Gioacchino Rossini and the film composer Nino Rota, (known for The Godfather theme) from Donizetti to Donatoni, crossing waters and genres.
‘…five quarter hours of poetry’

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