City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Harp Festival: Maeve Gilchrist with Nic Gareiss and Mr McFall's Chamber

By Rachel Hair - Posted on 26 February 2018

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Along with Mr McFall’s Chamber, Maeve Gilchrist premieres a work commissioned from her by The Edinburgh International Harp Festival. She draws on inspiration from the iconic Beckett passage in the novel Watt, while using the strings and harp to explore natural shapes as a living, breathing organism.

”And the poor old lousy earth, my earth and my father’s and my mother’s and my father’s father’s and my mother’s mother…..”

Breath, grit and connectivity between the instruments form a textural cushion from which Maeve’s trademark melodies emerge. With hints of Nordic melodies, driving kinetic rhythms and some understated use of electronics, this piece encourages the listener to soak up the earthy fundamentals of sound and be drawn into a soundscape which is both infinitely old and timelessly new.

In the first half she will be joined by dancer, Nic Gareiss, where the percussion and drive of his footwork combine with Maeve’s melodies and improvisation to make an explosive duet delighting eyes and ears.
Look out for other musical surprises---!

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