¡Que Asco!

Submitted by Rachel on Wed, 27 Nov '19 2.02pm
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¡Que Asco!
The Moody Chants
FFO Pavement, Sonic Youth, Trail of Dead, Nirvana

The tour of the decade, or, our little scarper round some lovely parts of the country making noise as we go.

“Very satisfying art-punk scronk with impeccable credentials and lineage.” - Adam Walton, BBC Wales

“Welsh three piece art rockers ¡Que Asco!’s debut album fully incapsulates the spirit of punk-rock and channels it through the sound of Sonic Youth, Pavement, Slints et al with fantastic results [....] ‘Reaper’ is a wonderfully unadorned record of the band’s desire to write short, sharp three minute pop songs which whilst sounding unpolished have a way of pulling you in.”
Shindig Magazine, July 2019

¡Que Asco!

Dirty, loud grunge

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The Moody Chants

Soul, Psychedelic Rock, Shoegaze, Experimental

Five piece Experimental Rock/Soul band from Glasgow.

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