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Fergie - ra oan-line Fringe tipster


Introducing Fergus the Fringe tipster
(Tip: Touch Fergie's sporran)

Fergie's diary: day by day

Fergus the Fringe, known to his associates (as he has no friends) as Fergie, has been around the fringes in spirit (or should that be spirits?) since the Festival began way-back-when.

After many trips round the course, Fergie reckons he knows a thing or two about getting the most out of the Festival Fringe. He suggests:

  • Fringe early birds would be getting great value for money if they check out the preview shows which start as early as 1st August. Some shows are free, many are half price.
  • Fergie agrees with the chief steward of the Fringe, Paul Gudgin, that with hundreds of shows in the space of three weeks it's as difficult to pick a winner as it is at the Grand National. So don't be afraid to take a risk.
  • If you want to improve your odds of backing a winner remember that there are quality breeders and stables (although you'll need to dig deeper into your pockets). He suggests that the Big three or Treble are the Assembly Rooms, the Ascot of the Fringe; The Pleasance, the Newmarket of the Fringe; The Gilded Balloon, the Epsom. There are many outsiders to be found in small stables who can start off as 100/1 shots, but within a day or two become 5/4 the field.

      Fergie's first night - free absinthe at the Bongo Club opening.
      The Donkey Show? Mair like "slongboys"or "willies 'r' us"
      A visit to the Fringe Club and the calm before the storm
      Fizzy watter, flushing watter and watter under ra bridge
      Cavalcade Sunday and Fergie's naw happy wi' ra Chief Steward.
      Fergie meets ra festival Chief Stewards and a free act oan a free bus
      Fergie's off tae a distillery
      Call for weirdness
      Gan tae uncle Rodericks
      Ra Glorious Twelfth
      That Bjork lassie's naw here for ra Edinburgh Film Festival opening
      Fergie meets a lot of comedians at the Assembly Rooms "star bar"
      Someone's selling washing at National Gallery and naked theatre
      Fergie meets David Soul frae Starsky and Hutch
      Fergie provides moral support for journo frae ra Indie
      Mair comedy at Late N Live
      Fergie has another day aff
      Fergie has retired.

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