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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 5th - 27th August 2001
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Now that the Fringe is up and running, our team of top class reviewers have been roaming the city, checking out which shows to see sober, and which to see with a few drams in you! (See our unique rating guide).

To make life easier we've put the reviews under the same headings as the Fringe programme and beside each show title we put the page it can be found in the Fringe Programme. We are here to help you enjoy the Festival. Have fun!


The Perrier Awards 2001
Who was nominated, who won, and who won best newcomer at this year's awards. Read the reviews.

Interview With The Comedian
Nicola Osborne interviews Arthur Smith about Danish panto, lesbians on TV and megaphones.

THE RATING GUIDE is inspired by Fergie The Fringe Tipster. If a show is very good you will probably be riveted to your seat and not want to miss a thing by going to the bar. On the other hand, if it is bad, we suggest the number of drams you might need to get through the performance.

Rating Guide
None = Unmissable
= Unwatchable
Page number refers to the Fringe programme

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