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What to look out for at the Fringe

Reading the programmeThe new Fringe programme has productions listed under their titles in the main sections and the venue section has also been changed. Result? There's less info there about all the productions at a venue in one place though they have added a new section, a calendar for productions. So I predict venues' own guides and the daily diary will become even more useful. That favours the big guys who can afford large print runs and distributions. The Fringe Society hope this researched revamp will make shows easier to locate. I'm not convinced wholly after using it to write this preview and starting to plan my reviewing. Let them know how you find it - I will.

As always theatre and physical theatre productions feature heavily in programme and there are quite a few musicals too. Whilst some will appear under the section you would expect, some musicals and physical theatre productions are listed in the main theatre section only. I've gone mainly for work premiering at the Fringe with longer runs, check programme for times and days they're not on.

Thelma's picks for

Children's Theatre

All About A Goose (page 10, 17 - 26 August) free 45 minute programme including clown workshop and the Bros Grimm tale from Albert and Friends Instant Circus Royal Botanic Gardens 45 mins 3+

Cinderella (page 11, 5-17 August) Shona Reppe comes with her new show, great inventive puppets, with a lovely unique charming storytelling style. A must see at the Netherbow. 55 mins 6+

Panic At The Circus (page 12, 4 - 26 August) An ill tiger, a circus in peril. Theatre Du Risorius bring this and Volpino to The Garage Chapiteau in Princes St Gardens West. 45 mins 5+

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (page 12, 14 - 21 August) Blunderbus Theatre Company.
bring the tale alive with music, puppets and songs in the Underbelly. 50 mins 6+

Something Else (page 13, 1 - 25 August) Tall Stories new show based on Kathryn Cave's very popular book they're also bringing back their marvellous take on The Gruffalo same dates, both at C too. 50mins 3+

The Spookmaster: :Scary Stories For Children (page 13, 2 - 26 August) From the maker of the transporting Monsters in The Wardrobe (which you can briefly catch at Brunton Theatre 7 - 10 August) a new thrilling, glow-in-the-dark adventure. 45mins 8+

Physical Theatre

Creating The Past (Page 61, 19 - 26 August), UK's Restless Sleepers are doing a free 15 minute performances, Royal Museum, Chambers St.

Nouvelles Folies (page 65, 15 - 26 Aug) by France's Compagnie Fiat Lux at the Gateway has a smart city couple encountering lively Breton fishermen all without words.

5065 "Fancy A Lift" (page 63, 3 - 25 Aug) free 10 mins performances in the two metre Square lift at Theatre Workshop promising to touch everybody in different ways!

The Goverment Inspector (page 64, 31 July - 26 Aug) Gogol's work in a new Theatre De L'Angel Fou production at the Pleasance

Into The Antiworld (page 64, 15 -25 August) Swiss company Mimescope with light, physical theatre and acrobatics bring a 20 Century breakthrough in physics to life at George Square Theatre.

The Mute That Was Dreamed (Page 65, 3 - 18 Aug) a dark, mesmerising story of a deaf mute and her carer, very striking when seen in Glasgow in April, at Theatre Workshop

Soul in A Suitcase (page 66, 13 - 18 Aug) An angel helps Clown Luna in the supermarket of spirituality, Augustine's

Uncle Wolodja - Alexej Markushev (Page 67, 3 - 24 August) From Russia an ordinary man's life without words, an inventive performance, Theatre Workshop


Assassins (page 102, 4 - 24 August) a rare change to catch the Sondheim darkly comic musical about the American Dream and its nightmare flip side.

Dorothy's Friends (page 103, 31 July - 25 August) A gender bending trip down the yellow brick road to Soho at C.

Matata (The Big Problem) (page 105, 2 -11 August) in the year of the World Cup Football, Zimbabwe and missionaries make a comic musical from Sunduza Dance Theatre at George Square Theatre

Sins Attached (page 106, 13 - 26 August) Company of Ten present a new, sinful don't go if you're too good musical at Augustine's.

Six Women with Brain Death (page 106, 1 - 26 August) The National Student Theatre give us in Europe the first chance to see this cult hit musical from the US in Pleasance Dome.


This is the biggest section though Comedy is getting closer.

The Al-Hamlet Summit (page 108, 2 - 26 August) Zaoum Theatre their version of Hamlet set in the modern Middle East at Pleasance Dome.

Arches Theatre - Bright Colours Only (page 110, 2 - 26 August One to watch, Pauline Goldsmith invites you to an Irish Wake at the Assembly Rooms. Enjoy!
Cincinnati (page 116, 3 - 26 August) Fabulous Nancy Walsh (American Adsurbum) gives Don Nigro's sharp, comic monologue its European premiere.

Comic Trust - St Petersburg Theatre Company (page 117, 2 - 26 August) bring their wordless play of a white kingdom, a white queen's passion for power and three clowns at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Did You Used To Be R. D. Laing? ( page 121, various days 5 - 22 August) great show about the significant Scottish psychiatrist wrote Knots at the best delli in Edinburgh Valvona & Crolla

Go Go: The Boy With The Magic Feet (page 128, 2 - 30 August) Toby Gouch's Theatrum Botanicum brings football, Africa and spectacle to the Royal Botanic Gardens

The Golden Pavilion (Company East) (page 128, 4 - 26 August) from the company that brought a Noh influenced Medea, this is based on Mishima's novel - in the Garage.

Jumpers (page 132, 1 - 25 August) From America comes one of several 9/11 plays, this promises it has a dark comedy in the Underbelly. For something more serious try Project 9/11 (page 143, 2 - 26 August) from members of the Playwrights New Horizons Theatre School at Assembly Rooms.

Kitchen (page 133, 31 - 25 August) European premiere from Australia's highly thought of Vanessa Badham Tension in the Kitchen at venue C

Looking Up (page 134, 3 - 26 August NY Travelling Light Productions involving romance and live trapeze work on at the Assembly Room

Lucifer (page 134, 4 - 26 August) Canada's Glenn Tkach temptingly performs as the person most likely too....lead you astray, in former church The Tron.

Memory Hill ( page 136, 13 - 31 August) John Shedden in a new play with Amelia Parton about Scotland's and the world's early photographer D. Octavius Hill on at Netherbow Theatre

Ordinary Miracles (page 140, 2 - 26 August) Open Theatre Istanbul An illusionist , a woman in a play which has magic tricks and is a European Premiere on a Gateway Theatre

Outlying Islands (page 141, 30 - 24 July) Traverse Company gives the world premiere of David Greig's new play set at the dawn of WW2. at Traverse Theatre.

The Play O' The Wather (Page 143, 1 - 25 August) Scottish professional actors in a new Scottish translation on the Fringe in the Underbelly directed by the up and coming Kate Nelson.

Rite of Passage ( page 145, 2 - 26 August) Nikos Dionysios Greece's most well-known actor in a new play fusing drama and physical movement and it's in English on at Assembly Theatre.

Shut Eye - Pig Iron Theatre (page 149, 1 - 24 August0 Director Joseph Chaikin brings a musical fantasy from Philly's famed theatre for its European premiere at Traverse.

Stomach Ache (page 151, 15 - 24 August) A child's death is a awful thing, Robyn Cruze writes and performs the bereft mother while Alan Dunnett directs, at Venue 13.

The Taming Of The Shrew (page 153, days between 6 - 26 August) Zimbabwe's Over The Edge bring us their all male version set in modern Africa on at Augustine's.

Telling Wilde Tales (page 153, 3 - 25 August) Oscar Wildes tales from a young, vibrant mix of creative people aimed at all ages, I expect this to be a one to see at Southside.

Have fun and talk to people in the Fringe they can give you good tips, but remember they may hate what you love.