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Adam Hills - Happy Feet (page 14)

Drams None at all
Venue Pleasance Courtyard and Over The Road (Venue 33)
Address 60, The Pleasance
Reviewer Ray Anderson

In his native land of Australia, Adam Hills is one of the most popular performers on the comedy circuit. Over here he looks like being even more successful. The title of his latest show Happy Feet, comes from his love of upbeat music from the depression days of 1930s America. It's only later that we discover another possible reason for the title - his titanium foot. He entertains us with other people's reactions to it (particularly airport security) and his comfort with it - the topic that is. It's the source of much of the material for this show, which also covers his experiences of September 11, and the techniques of fellow Aussie, Steve Irwin.

As comfortable interacting with the audience as he is with his prepared material, Hills holds one's attention as firmly as the audience have to hold their sides. His stories are wittily told, enthralling, hilarious and, most of all, entirely true. He's the sort of guy who'd keep a pub listening to his every word as he tells the biggest and best stories - the ones that simply cannot be topped. He's well worth the entry fee and an hour just isn't long enough. A good show leaves you wanting more, so Hills come back next year. Meanwhile there remains only one thing to be said, "Go you big, red fire engine!"
© Ray Anderson, 20 August 2002. - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs until 26th August.

Auld Reekie's Oxters (page 17)

Drams none
Venue The Stand 2 (Venue 70)
Address 16 North St Andrews Street.
Reviewer Rez Guthrie

Drams none at all, (and the auld-style cocktail which Susan Morrison mixes for the audience near the end of the show doesn't count. It's seriously mingin').

She's only been on stage for moments and Susan Morrison has already taught us an archaic Scottish swear word even worse than f***. I personally consider this great value for money. This show is based on lesser known parts of Edinburgh's chequered past. The really dirty bits, with memorable anecdotes about fishwives and vivid descriptions of latter-day ladies of the night from a users' guide to eighteenth century brothels,as well as vivid descriptions of how 'Auld Reekie' got it's name. Susan's tech, Chris contributes in several places with well placed enthusiasm, and a piece of character acting I'll never forget.

One could actually call this infotainment. It's both fascinating and funny. What makes a crucial difference is that Susan knows how to get maximum comedy impact from her source materials and her wickedly warm style of delivery is great. It's the best way to do a guided tour of the town without having to actually get off your bum, (although as Susan points out, there are various wonderful themed tours- see the Fringe programme for details of some of the many). Unmissable for visitors and locals alike, this show even made me forget what a poky wee toilet the Stand 2 is. Actually, in all fairness, I've been to far, far worse venues and the bar and door staff are angels; friendly and with a decent selection of  booze and food at fair prices, (nae draught, though). Auld Reekie's Oxters co-written by Susan Morrison and Donna Crachan.
Go and see this show right now. Or Chris the tech'll get you.
© Rez Guthrie 16th Aug. 2002.- published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs until 26th Aug.5.40 -6.40pm at £6/5

(A) 2 out of 38
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