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(G) 4 out of 142
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The Galoshen - Tamas (page 126)
Drams full glasshalf glass
Venue Diverse Attractions (Venue 11 )
Address Lawnmarket
Reviewer Neil Ingram

Tho rarely seen syne mony a day, I'm shuir the Galoshan has ne'er afore bin seen at the Edinbro Fringe. But noo five buddies hae pit tegither a wee-bit play tae intraduce the fowk o edinbro an the hale world tae the galoshen.

Sae wha is this Galoshen, then? He's the hero o the auldest play there is, the fight atween guid an evil. Ye'll see him fight the Black Knight, wha's a'ready slain Willie Wallace, an he'll need a the airt o Doctor Broon tae see him weel agin.

But afore aw that happens we see a lassie sittin in her kitchen- it's Hogmanay, an she's bidin in waitin tae be first-fitted. In come fower such laddies, an' yince they're seatit they stairt tae sing an play. Efter a whilie tho they aw hae tae leave, and she's left alane until anither knock at the door annoonces the Guisers, wha come in an perform the Galoshen.

It's a cheerie piece, but no awfae lang, an it's the Galoshen that's the heart o it. The fowk that hae gien the play are Douglas Blair, Dave Francis, Andy May, Stan Reeves an Nancy Somerville. They say they'll be gaein roond the hooses this winner, sae listen oot for them!
© Neil Ingram, 19 August 2002 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs until 24 August at 17.30

Gimpel The Fool (page 127)
Drams full glass
Venue C (Venue 34)
Address Chambers St
Reviewer Thelma Good

Introducing himself, Gimpel says I am a fool, he says it with a smile. This is Issac Bashevis Singer's character originally written in Yiddish and translated by Saul Bellow brought to life by Saul Reichlin. Strangely innocent is Gimpel, he's that human being you find yourself barging past even though you meant to let him go first. He's so soft it's a wonder he survives, but survive he does. And that very gentleness which makes you almost ignore him is, if you could pause and listen to him, is what makes him attractive.

Saul Reichlin, seated most of the time on a humble stool, gives us the opportunity. It's the performance of a actor on the border of story telling. It nearly works completely, but Reichlin could do with showing us physically more of how Gimpel moves about his lost Yiddish world. The production too static nature would work better if you were lounging on comfortable, slightly worn chairs and sofas, listening to Uncle Gimpel move around the room, pausing a while on his low stool, telling about his life of a family evening.
31 July - 10 August at noon

Reichlin is also performing his acclaimed Shalom Aleichem at C venues
Saul Reichlin www.saulreichin.com
© Thelma Good 31 July 2002

GOGO! the boy with the magic feet (page 128)

Drams None needed
Venue Royal Botanic Garden (Venue 193)
Address 20a Inverleith Row
Reviewer Daniel Winterstein

Go see this show - Gogo! the boy with the magic feet is simply the best thing at the festival. It is a wonderful fable of magic and football, Africa and Scotland, told with comedy, music, and dance. By turns exciting, funny, beautiful and moving. Starring the Zawose family from the Wagogo tribe, Tanzania with British and African support, the performers are all superb. Instant knighthood to Toby Gough for putting the show together and bringing it here. A brilliant, brilliant, joyous show.

It's a promenade performance that uses the setting well - and what a setting: the botanical gardens may be a bit damp, but they are lovely, and with the help of drummers, dancers and spirits they are transformed into an exotic and exciting Africa. The finale has everyone dancing as fireworks burst above Edinburgh castle. And the profits go to a good cause (defusing the landmines we make that continue to cripple and kill).

Go see this show. It is exuberant, unique and brilliant. Go see this show. Don't let the weather stop you (but take a raincoat). Go see this show.
Runs until 30th August, 8pm.
© Daniel Winterstein, 14th August 2002

Goering's Defence (page 128)

Venue Assembly Rooms (3)
Address 54 George Street
Reviewer Max Blinkhorn

This is another fine piece of work from Guy Masterson Productions and TTI. Serious but enjoyable, historical but bang up-to-date; substitute Saddam Hussein for Hitler and the parallels become obvious.

Ross Gurney-Randall gives a Blitzkrieg of a performance. From his chair, he spits Goering's anger at the audience, telling us the story of his life, acting out the kameraderie and violence of Nazism's birth. A disembodied prosecutor's voice tries to take him down a few pegs but Goering is more than a match. Part testimony and part biography we hear how he came to share Hitler's vision. He describes how Hindenburg was manoeuvred from power and how they, the strong, brave National Socialists raised the Third Reich from the ashes of post WW1 Germany.

The story is completed but it's no boring history lesson. Goering is not just unrepentant, he's intensely proud of his actions. In fact, he is relishing the opportunity to expose the simplistic U.S. perception of him as Hitler's deputy.

I had only one minor reservation about the performance; at points, the piece runs too fast. The words are powerful and to be savoured but Ross Gurney-Randall pushes on Panzer-like and at points the audience has little time to assimilate them but a few more performances and that wrinkle will be ironed. This script, co- written by Gurney-Randall, Andrew Bailey and Guy Masterson challenges the popular notions of the Third Reich and WW2; it leaves the audience shell-shocked and thinking hard; do not miss it.

Runs 2nd-26th August 2002 (not 12th). © Max Blinkhorn. 3rd August 2002

(G) 4 out of 142
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