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Under The Tat (not in the programme)
Drams full glass full glass
Venue Bedlam Theatre (Venue 15)
Address 11 Bristo Place look for the red doors
Reviewer Thelma Good

Plays about putting play or a musical on at the Edinburgh Fringe are kinda common at this year's Fringe. But this one, Under The Tat, devised by a local group of actors, a writer, Mhari Hetherington, and all that go to make a production, is played with good deal of up beat pace and humour. We meet them on the first day of rehearsing what seems to be a virtual all female Macbeth the Musical and we follow them through to the epilogue, that wonderful speech from Puck.

All female that is if you don't count Jonathan the very token male, pink T-shirt and swivel wrists and hips, played with lovely touches by Alastair Farquhar, darling I just love your Macbeth! Lynne Ross, Camille Fleming, Katra Hamilton, Angela Irvine, Laura Jappy, 'Chelle McLaughlin-Allen and Lynne Ross are the rest of the musical's cast while Sara Jane McGeachy is Rosalind the forceful stage manager who's got everyone's measure, including Peter the director, John Kielty. It's a mix of newish actors and one Royal Lyceum, Citizens and Brunton seasoned one, the (always different) Kielty and the enjoyment they all bring to the production lifted this reviewer's spirits a lot.

We are thankfully spared songs from Macbeth The Musical, but we do get several sung by director Peter, Where do you come from and I got Chucked - entertaining ditties about Edinburgh folks' feelings about the Festival and life. Containing a very well done slow-mo, no words sequence in a Club and lovely fragments of opera sung by the beautifully voiced Gillian Shearer, the production slight unevenness is easy to forgive because of its inventive, courageous style..
It's what the Fringe is about, finding real people and one known professional actor having a good, honest go at putting a show together. If you're interested in joining Edinburgh based Theatre Granules in future contact them below. These shadows do not offend!
Run ended 10 Aug
Email: Theatre Granules
© Thelma Good 09 August 2002

The Unexpected Man (Page 156)
Drams full glass
Venue Komedia Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 21)
Address 2 Johnston Terrace
Reviewer Annabel Ingram

In this two hander written by Yasmina Reza and translated by Christopher Hampton (the pairing that brought us the highly successful west end play Art which is to be produced by the Lyceum in their coming season), a man and a woman sit on a train, their only connection being that he wrote the book she’s reading. Monologues are tricky things and form the majority of this play. It is therefore much to their commendation that Andrew Lawrence and Erin Dick have the charisma and presence to hold our attention and make us really care for these disparate characters. As the action progresses we realise how close these characters really are as they explain to us their views on life and the little niggles that preoccupy them. Each projects their own ideas onto the other and when they finally enter conversation each is surprised by the other’s true nature. An observational play about the similarities and differences between us, this is high quality drama well produced by this young and talented company.

Runs until 25 not 5 or 12 @ 4.10pm
© Annabel Ingram 3 August 2002
Company- Wagstaff & Moss Productions

(U) 2 out of 142
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