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Gary Le Strange - Polaroid Suitcase (Page 30)
Dram Absolutely none needed
Venue The Underbelly (Venue 61)
Address Cowgate (Entrances on Cowgate and Victoria Street.)
Reviewer Garry Platt.

Gary Le Strange is one those comic characters which appear every so often and make an immediate impact; like Count Arthur Strong or Mr Bean off the TV. This individual is a comic hybrid of exotic parentage. Watching this person on stage you catch glimpses of Gary Numan, Steve Strange, Spandau Ballet, Ultra Vox - well you get the picture - they're all New Age Romantics, though he is in fact a 'Neo Regency Face Warrior' which to the cognoscenti, who understand this subtlety, makes all the difference.

Gary Le Strange is a comic invention of gargantuan proportions, well studied, with touches of fine detail which makes this a well formed and well rounded character. The songs really need a review of their own, they are a pastiche of everything this era in pop music threw up with an additional twist of irony and ridiculousness. I mean with lyrics like,: 'Silver's OK I suppose, because it's grey in a shiny kind of way' how can you not become an ardent fan of this most exotic of creatures?

There's great comic timing here coupled with good material and style and tone of delivery which is not often found on the fringe - fantastic, please go and see it.
© Garry Platt August 2003 - Published on www.EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to the 24 August at 23:20 (55 mins) each day.
Company It's alright for some.
Web Site www.garylestrange.co.uk

(G) 1 out of 37
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