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The Edinburgh Festival 2004 - Fringe Picks

Thelma's guide and picks from the Theatre , Physical Theatre (with a few dance previews too) & Children Theatre Sections in the 2004 Fringe Programme.

The 2004 Fringe programme has productions listed under their titles with the company's name underneath and a short description in the main sections. There's a handy little bar of dates at the bottom of each entry so you can see which day it's on.

Don't confine yourself to one section because Whilst some will appear under the section you would expect, some you may consider are musicals and physical theatre productions are listed in the main theatre section so check them all out. And there are an increasing number of comic plays in comedy.

I've mainly gone for international work premiering and for Scottish Productions at the Fringe and those with longer runs, check programme for times and days they're not on. It's a selection, there's lots more I could have recommended you go for.

Wigwam Theatre Decamp - This Venue had to take down their tent and some shows have found other homes but some are not happening at all. Full details are still emerging in late July of who is where or not at all. Homes have been found at Assembly Rooms - Amajuba, Pod Deco - Job, C Venues - Steve Lawson, Yerelon, Camile sings Brel, and Alma Flamenco, Reid Hall - Bagdad Blues and Voices from Georgia, George Square Theatre - Pieces of Eight, Poochwater, Snapshot, Sabotage and Trickboxing.

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre & Children Theatre.
Also of interest Edinburgh International Festival Theatre Preview.
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Theatre from the main Theatre Section (dates include any preview dates)

Anything of the dozen at the Traverse - Two Traverse shows, one When The Bul Bul Stopped Singing dramatisated by David Grieg from Shehaden's book about Ramaliah and Shimmer by Linda McLean, directed by Lynne (Rough Magic) Parker set in West Scotland. There's also a great mix of visiting companies including my top pick of all Fuse from Mouthpiece (SA), look worth getting a ticket for early, 10 are world premieres, 5 are Scottish linked & one (already returns only), A Mobile Thriller is staged in luxury limo - a Maserati Quattroporte and one, Curry Tales at The Raj in Leith. All look like they will be hot and the different days different times approach for many shows is retained so if you're in shows or at work you should be able to get to see them.

Other picks from the main Theatre Section-
The Aquatic Ape - Host Universal Ltd (page 128, 4 - 30 August not 17, or 24) 5065 Lift at Pleasance Courtyard.
One of nine new plays designed for 5065 Lift by award-winning young playwrights (check out the others on page 204 of the Fringe prgramme). This one invites you to watch a cold blooded couple in a shark cage. World Premiere.

Baglady - Joy McBrinn (page 129, 16 -28 August) Sweet on The Royal Mile.
Frank McGuiness' acclaimed play where by a Irish river a woman confronts her life, her twisted life and loss, can the river wash away her sins.

The Bridge - Boilerhouse (Page 134, 17 - 29 August not 23) At Old College Quad.
Outdoor production from Scottish company who fuses ariel choreography with film and music. World Premiere.

Building Babble - Attic People Theatre (page 134, 6 - 30 August not 11 or 18) At Pleasance Dome.
Special director John Wright directs a funny tale of survival amongst the scaffolding as the tallest building goes up. World Premiere.

Chaucer's Cock Tale - Another Midas. (Page 135, 4 - 30 August) At C.
From the physical theatre company that brought the exciting Diry Little Secrets last year. World Premiere.

The Crimson Corset - Scarlet Angles Productions (Page 138, 6 - 30 August not 17) At the C Central.
A naive Edwardian bride finds herself in a repressive society where suffrage, sex and women seek release. World Premiere.

Each ...And Every Inch - TheatreCryptic. (page 144, 7 - 29 August not 10, 17, 24) At Scotland's Theatre Gateway Theatre.
A multi-media experience of Elizabeth (By Grand Central Station...) Smart 's life from a very original Scottish company.

Eennie, Meanie, Miny..- little d-fects. (page 145, 5 - 29 August) At The Underbelly.
Are children innocent? Two days three children and something irrevocable happens. World Premiere.

Fierce - Gird Iron. (page 148, 6 - 30 August not 17 or 24) At Assembly Rooms.
An exciting memorable hip-hop love and graffiti story from a foremost Scottish company and the best song tosupermarket sounds ever, I loved it.

Garden of Fools - Gomito Productions .(page 150, 9 - 28 August not 15 or 22) At Bedlam.
From a young company whose direction & physical performances always delight in a comic tale of girl who's afraid of water in a garden where leaves have minds of their own. World Premiere.

Highway Diner - Highway Diner . (page 155, 16 - 28 August) Starts atThe Assembly Rooms.
A promenade performance from a Scottish company who move across the borders of physical theatre and dance. World Premiere.

In A Month Of Fallen Sundays - The Paper Birds (page 150, 1 - 25 August) At Gilded Balloon Teviot.
Six women, a locked room based on Magdalen Asylums a physical theatre tale where wardrobes are filled with stars.World Premiere.

Macbeth - Theatre Babel.(page 167, 7 - 29 August not 11, 18 or 25) At Scotland's Theatre Gateway.
From the Scottish company who brought striking versions of Medea and The Thebans to the Fringe and then the world with a cast of Scotland's finest.

The Moaning Silence of Fish - Strings Attached.
(page 170, 8 - 28 August not 16 or 23) At Garage Theatre.
Swiss theatre company mix live music, text and physical theatre in this piece about old Zurich and the Dadaists and Lenin. World Premiere.

Poochwater - Wise Donkey Productions. (page 176, 6 - 30 August) At new venue George Suare Theatre
After WW2 two men find the Hollywood ficition far easier than real life in this Canadian play. European Premiere.

The Smallest Preson - Trestle Theatre Company. (page 182, 4 - 29 August not 17 or 24) At Pod Deco.
Freak shows and Medical science, Georgian England and the present day, maks, puppets and thext and Trestle's new director from a company on a new journey. World Premiere.

The Soldier - FMC Productions. (page 182, 9 - 30 August not 16) At Komedia Roman Eagle Lodge.
RADA graduates in a new play about Rupert Brooke set in World War One.World Premiere.

Taking On The System - Clubwest Productions. (page 184, 15 - 28 August) At Culbwest@Edinburgh Theosophical Society.
In 1821 the town clerk took on a corrupt town and won or did he?. World Premiere.

The Tiger Lilies - Punch And Judy. (page 186, 9 - 29 August not 17) At Pod Deco.
A wild take on that gutsy story of the man, his stick and the wife from the creators of the astounding Shockhead Peter. World Premiere.

Two Man Rumble - Perhilion Theatre Company .(page 188, 4 - 30 August) At Co2.
Comic exploration of the male by a young Scottish creator and actor with bizarre characters and music from the Glasgoe electro band The Marcia Blaine School for Girls.

It's just a selection are lots goodies in the programme - be adventurous!

Physical Theatre. (and few dance ones.)

Firstly I highly recommend all the shows at Aurora Nova @ St Stephens - during the Fringe it's the vibrant heart of International Physical Theatre - . Prime international companies like Dervo (Russia), Teatre Novogo Fronta (Czech/Russian), Black Hole (Australia) Teatre Piesn Kozola (Poland) & Theatre Slava (Sweden) and 4 other top companies in 10 shows promise Festival physical delights.

Other physical theatre picks
Damages by Miracles .(page 71, 8 - 30 August) At Pleasance Courtyard.
Absurb physical theatre about love and lies and nakedness. Best show winner in Belguim Mime Festival. UK premiere.

Dirtnap - Foolery.(page 72, 6 - 25 August) At Sweet on Royal Mile.
World premiere from this Total Theatre Award company with Shenadoah Express connection.

Forgiveness for Blood - Teatar Dodest Montenegro.
(page 73, 16 - 28 August) At Rocket at Demarco Roxy Art House.
Death, birth and revenge. Who can forgive and where is the future? Emotional dance drama.

Freshmess - Freshmess. (page 73, 12 - 22 August not 16) At Dancebase.
Three high energy performance pieces from exciting fresh Scottish company fusing street dance - go & feel your spirits rise. World Premiere.

Pig Iron In Flop - Pig Iron Theatre Company. (page 75, 6 - 30 August not 10, 17, 24) At Pleasance Courtyard.
Theatre, dance, clown in visual feminist fantasy, three girls have to put together the Universe - well they broke it. European Premiere.

Raw Beef - Hoax Productions (page 75, 8 - 21 August not 14) At 1/4rm@Greenside.
Two men in peach tutus, Jerwood and Total Theatre award winners show more than promise in July Glasgow preview.

Scottish Dance Theatre. (page 76, 12 - 22 August not 16) At Dancebase.
This outstanding dance company brings Track by Didy Veldman and Moment by Sean Feldman both peices well worth experiencing.

Also check out other shows at Dance Base and The Garage - Garage Shows are listed in either Theatre or Dance and Physical Theatre in the programme. And also check out the "straight" Theatre Section picks above there's more physical theatre there.

Children's Theatre.
I've picked shows that are premiering here.

Albert And The Lost Cast and An Alternative Midsummmer's Night Dream - Albert and Friends Instant Circus.
(page 8, 21 - 30 August) At Royal Botanic Gardens.
Two world premiere shows help albert stage a play or find circus skills workshop and giant butterflies. Both shows free for For 2+.

Bubbles' Garden Party - Bubbles the Clown
.(page 8, Various days 6 - 30 August) At 1/4rm@Greenside.
Come and go in a show with Scotland's singing clown which can last 2 hours if your child companion loves it. For 3+.

Circus Starr - Urban Circus Ltd. (page 8, 7 - 30 August) At Meadows Big Top.
International circus stars in a show for all the family over 3+

Dib and Dob And The Journey Home - Roseneath Theatre. (page 9, various days 5 - 30 August) At C too.
From Canada two brothers in a forest try to find their home For 5+.

Emily And The Jabberwocky - EUTC. (page10, 5 - 21 August not 7, 8 or 15) At Bedlam.
Can Emily save Looking Glass Land. World Premiere. For 4+.

Hambledog and The Hopping Clogs - Perissology Theatre Productions. (page 11, 6 - 30 August not 18) At Hill Street Theatre.
When Twist the Cat appears times get even harder for Hambledog and Granny Cog by Children's author Viven French. World Premiere. 4+.

The Owl and The Pussycat - Tall Stories.(page 13, 4 - 30 August not 15) At C.
From the company that brought the Gruffalo to theatrical life. World Premiere. 3+.

Rumplestiltskin At The Fairytale Laundry - Ailie Cohen. (page 12, 4 - 24 August) At Assembly Rooms.
The laundry, pegs, wee Rumplestiltskin and the laundress retell Grimm's tale from a theatremaker of unique and special style.

Utter Nonsense - Blue Boat. (page 13, 2 - 25 August) At The Stand Comedy Club.
Marc Pencak's new puppet gloriously silly show with Horace the Handsome Slug, Dougie the Danger Duck and Tum Tum Tinker. for 5 - 10.

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre And Dance & Children Theatre
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© Thelma Good June 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com