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The Congress of Oddities. (Page28)
Drams full glassfull glass.
Venue The Underbelly (Venue 61)
Address Cowgate/Victoria Street.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith

First of all - this is a great comedy idea, done with panache. The Congress of Oddities are twins, Chlamydia and Calamine, who present an obscene re-working of Victorian music hall, with costumes and eeriely convincing silent-film footage. We see the sketches and hear the songs they didn't dare do in the 1860s - ditties and stories all full of, as the Oddities boast, "filth - and some of it is true" - about Jack the Ripper, abortion, venereal diseases, and child death.

"You have no children? Surely they can't ALL have died?"

No, this is certainly not a show to bring your real children to!

The two performers, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Zoe Gardner, are energetic and inventive - and drag hapless reviewers on stage... With music and effects by Ben Walker - ah, my favourite Smiths' song - you have a high level of professionalism in every department. There is dirty zest and genuine originality here, but in a show billed as 'comedy' I really wanted about another dozen killer gags. Find those gags, steal them, buy them, exhume them - and this double act could really go places.
© Ritchie Smith 11 August 2004, published on www.EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 29 August (not 16th) 21:20
Company The Congree of Oddities.

(C) 1 out of 45
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