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(D) 2 out of 45
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Danish – The Best In Comedy From Denmark. (Page 29).
Drams full glassfull glassfull glass.
Venue Metro Gilded Balloon Caves (Venue 88).
Address Niddry St South, off Cowgate.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

Having already set themselves the challenge of doing stand up comedy, not an easy job to begin with, these three top Copenhagen comedians decide to up the stakes by doing their routines in another language!

I am pleased to say that this in no way represents a barrier in the universal language of comedy. The only irony lies in the last act, Thomas Hartmann , who speaks in US English - this still causes a slight translation delay on some of the gags. Some of Hartmann’s material about gay men also seems uncomfortable.

Compere Carsten Bang , though, is easily the best of the three. He has some hilarious observational material and it is fascinating to see that the human behaviour on which he bases his routine is the same throughout the world. First act Omar Marzouk (an Egyptian Dane doing English stand-up in Scotland!) has some rather over-used material, but does improve as his set progresses.

I’d definitely recommend this one as a change to some of the more predictable shows on the Fringe.
©Anna Kay 15 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 30 (not 16th) at 22:45.
Company EdCom4.com.
Company Website http://www.EdCom4.com

D-D-D=Don’t Mention The Disability…I Did Once And It Took 15 Minutes. (Page 29).
Drams full glassfull glassfull glassfull glassfull glass but a lot less needed for Jones.
Venue Co2 (Venue 202).
Address Oxygen, Infirmary Street.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

There is no reason why people with disabilities shouldn’t be afforded the same opportunities in stand-up comedy, as with anything, as anyone else.  Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to be funny.

The first thing that strikes me about this show – featuring stand-up sets from three comedians with various disabilities – is why no compere?  A man crouched behind a bar with a microphone really adds to the general lack of professionalism.

First act Kevin Knite instantly bored me.  Any vaguely humorous material is killed off by his rather unique SHOUTING STYLE!  (This is not connected to his disability as a couple of genuine moments from him do steal their way through.)

Headliner Jaik Campbell – comedian or university lecturer on stuttering?  He should decide – and retelling centuries-old jokes is not my idea of stand up comedy.

I am pleased to say, though, that middle act Inkey Jones’ only real disability seems to be the other two.  He provides a much welcome relief with a warm style and fantastic self-deprecating humour.  I would love to see this man amongst his peers.  
©Anna Kay 26 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 30 at 20:05.
Company Jaik Campbell Stuttering Productions.

(D) 2 out of 45
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