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Flight Of The Conchords : Lonely Knights. (page no 33)
Drams full glass
Venue Metro Gilded Balloon@The Reid Hall,Bristo Sq . (Venue 245)
Address The Reid Hall, Reid Quad, Bristo Sq.
Reviewer Kim Oliver .

The mouthwatering minstrels of musical parody are sharing their lonely
nights with large audiences at the Reid Hall this year. Folk parody gets the
Timberlake treatment and the audience are lovin it...

Bret is quite a convincing player in the folk'n' b genre but
Jemaine reminds me of Neil Diamond. His rhinestone studded dialogue
is the perfect foil to Bret's airy oblivion.

It would be hard to improve on last year's show and Lonely Knights is
more of a detour than a progression. This year the Conchords tackle
'issues' in an early 70's Marvin Gaye manner. They then meander onto the
obligatory Fringe kiss'n'tell duet, but too much precision timed, overstated
underacting between numbers slows the show down to an occasionaly painful

However the brilliant 'plot - driven' parody on staffroom lust resurrects
memories of the sheer ingenuity of last year's material. The boys ended the
night on two generous encores which says more than I could here about the
originality and popularity of FoTC.

©Kim Oliver August 11 2003 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 30 at 22.15 (1hr) not 17th
Company Comedy Cafe Management
Company Website www.comedycafemanagement

(F) 1 out of 45
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