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Gary Le Strange - Face Academy (Page 35).
Drams full glass.
Venue Pod Deco (Venue 75).
Address 7 Clerk St.
Reviewer Kim Oliver.

Last year's Perrier newcomer winner returns to the Fringe with a lecture on modern pop culture given from the vantage point of his bedroom. This is a popular theme among comedians, and emanating as he does, from a pre mass-produced era of pop - Le Strange is the ideal critic.

He pores over the philosophical ramifications of commercialism in PVC trousers and encourages the audience to launch a fashion war against conformity. Later he asks the audience if they feel more intelligent after listening to his music, he thanks those who say yes, then congratulates those who didn't - for not conforming. The circularity of his arguments, which are overflowing with mixed metaphors make for some very funny gaffes.

Many comedians have tackled this subject and failed because they're trying to be too clever, or theyr'e just superficially sarcastic. The great thing about Strange is that he doesn't try too hard to be clever - he's clever at being stupid and stupid when attempting to sound clever. HIs bufoonery contrasts well with the sophisticated task of parodying contemporary culture using a parody of eighties pop culture.
©Kim Oliver 13 August 2003 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 29 August date at 22.25 (1hr) every day, not 17 Aug .
Company Gary Le Strange.

(G) 1 out of 45
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