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Jade the Folk-Singer In The Happy Show! (Page 39).
Drams full glass.
Venue Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33).
Address 60 The Pleasance.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

This isn't a confession, more of a boast... Last year I saw Jade's show three times and bought the CD. So, avid fan. And I'm not even a lesbian!

Jade is a wonderful warm parody of a 'folky', with very good jokes and even better songs. You get sound health advice like 'E can give you runny poo...', and that comic masterpiece with the chorus 'He ****ed my mum! He ****ed my mum!' - all delivered with a relaxing sweetness that isn't entirely parody.

This year's show doesn't necessarily top last year's, and I'm not quite sure about the cake-in-the-face slapstick, but a talent like this can't really fail.

And - speaking again as a distinct non-lesbian - Jade's 'new best friend' and stage assistant is an absolute stunner. I think I'm in love with both of
©Ritchie Smith, 14 August 2004 - Published on www.EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 30 August (not 17th or 24th) at 22:45.
Company Hugh Betcha Productions.

(J) 1 out of 45
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