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Karen Bayley & Susan Murray - Happy Hour (Page 42).
Drams full glass.
Venue Underbelly (Venue 61).
Address Cowgate / Victoria Street.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

It's great to come to Edinburgh and do some talent-spotting, and every once in a while you see someone with mainstream success written all over them. Susan Murray is one such comedian. She’s teamed up with Karen Bayley, also from the dark hole (so to speak...) that is greater Birmingham, and she’s a winner too. Making much of her 'unsexy accent' Karen B. describes sexual sophistication in Brummie land - sophisticates, apparently, put down their kebabs while doing the deed doggy-style, while true Brummies continue eating. There are some nice straightforward gags about men and women, and farting in G-strings, and a fine carefree rapport with the audience.

Murray is brightly energetic and already a mistress of traditional comedy – overprotective fathers, football and Charlotte Church are all fair game in this set, and the jokes get genuinely daring towards the end... A fine show by two real talents, and I couldn't resist grabbing Susan for an interview...

How's the Festival been for you? "I love it, but my liver doesn't..." Your comedy picks? "Try Tony Carter at the Stand. One of the best new acts I've seen for years." Both comediennes are out on the circuit at the moment (check the Comedy Junction website). If you want to see two gifted stand-ups who can really amuse you, your little brothers and sisters, and also your mum and dad - and that's not easy - try Karen Bayley and Susan Murray.
©Ritchie Smith 15 August 2004 - published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 29 August at 18:30
Company - Comedy Junction Promotions.
Company Website www.comedyjunction.co.uk

(K) 1 out of 45
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