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Laurence Clark – The Jim Davidson Guide To Equality. (Page 44).

Drams full glass.
Venue Pod Deco (Venue 75).
Address 7 Clerk Street.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

Are you Jim Davidson? Please check and, if the answer is no, go and see this show immediately. Laurence Clark won’t perform if the man is in, as Jim refuses to perform with people in wheelchairs in the audience.

But this is not your average ram-it-down-your-throat political comedy. The fact that Clark himself is in a wheelchair is completely secondary to his material and you get used to his speech difficulties within minutes. Some wonderful observations about the way disabled people are reacted to are hilariously funny to all, whilst forcing even ‘do goodie leftists’ (his own words) to examine their behaviour and attitudes.

Comparisons are drawn between Tony Blair’s pre-election speeches and manifestos and Jim Davidson’s ‘comedy’ leaving us with the message: Vote Jim Davidson! Is it any worse than the alternatives?

Laurence Clark could easily rival the likes of Mark Thomas and I very much look forward to seeing what I know will be continued success in his career.
©Anna Kay 8 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 29 (not Tuesdays) at 17:25.
Company The Pod in association with Laurence Clark.

(L) 1 out of 45
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