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Reading Between The Lines. (Page 57).
Drams full glassfull glass.
Venue The Underbelly (Venue 61).
Address Entrances in The Cowgate and on Victoria Street.
Reviewer Thelma Good.

The Hackney Herald is a local newspaper with a somewhat doddery proprietor played with delicous grandfatherly style by Ben Smiley, the boss is an American Harry Renardo, Charlie Reston. The three reporters are the overly eagar Teddy Asquith, Ed Sherrington, whose strip explores lots of comic potential, the less than productive Douglas Wilson, well played by James Ramsden and the object of their attentions Alice Fairfax, Marina Solovyova while Roz, Alex Skiba, is the longsuffering secretary to Harry who gets asked to keep the proprietor interested by any means at her disposal. Also ending up in the office is the local tramp, Chris Williams, who makes a convincing Health and Safety Officier (there more to this tramp than meets the eye) and the Hollywood superstar Charlie Diablo, Francis Parham.

Teenage writers and joint directors, Oscar Wood and Alexander Wrey have written and directed a pretty good farce in Reading Between the Lines, full of incident and unfortunate arrivals. The young cast of Double Edge Drama play it like pros. Sometimes it gets very frenetic in the best traditions of farce and their knowledge of what goes on in offices is acutely observed. Maybe there's a sit-com career waiting for both of them, they certainly work well as a team. Top marks too for the programme - a copy of The Hackney Herald.
© Thelma Good 26 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 29 August 14:20.
Company Double Edged Drama.

(R) 1 out of 45
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