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The Virgin Club. (Page 68).
Drams full glassfull glass.
Venue Pleasance Dome (Venue 23).
Address 1 Bristo Square.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

A heavily female audience for The Virgin Club... Are they? I'm inclined to ask, but even the bravest reviewers have limits!

Phyllis Foundis, winsome ex-virgin, is the star and writer of The Virgin Club. She comes on stage with eye-flashing physical presence, intelligence, and charm. The show is basically in the confessional/autobiographical vein, as the 'good little Greek girl' grows up in the Australian suburbs and, eventually, has sex.

There is a nice start with family snaps, then entertaining reminiscences interwoven with film-clips and music (including, inevitably, 'Like A Virgin'). There is nothing overwhelmingly original here, and Phyllis isn't quite a stand-up comedian, but there are little gems - full marks in particular for the faked orgasm, which was loudly applauded. So, in spite of the talk of penises and the comedy film of vibrators, there is indeed 'nothing dirty or shameful'. The show doesn't dig too deep, but it interests and entertains. Take your Mum. She won't be offended, and I bet she'll laugh.
©Ritchie Smith 17 August 2004 - Published on www.EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 30 August (not 23rd) at 19:15
Company Star Scribe Productions

(V) 1 out of 45
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