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(W) 3 out of 45
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We Lovett!. (Page 69).

Drams full glassfull glassfull glass .
Venue Stand Comedy Club (Venue 5).
Address 5 York Place.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

Norman Lovett is a very talented comedian. I like his gentle style and he has wonderful observational skills. I liked the way he interacted to what was, at times, a tough crowd.

That why it’s a shame that he is deciding to do this show with his daughters on board. They have some great stage presence and excellent potential but are frankly too young for this type of comedy. To hear a twelve-year-old talking about her breasts put me in mind of a little girl trying to clop around in her mother’s heels. The older sister, has some good impersonation skills but lacks strong material. A sketch where both girls pose as Edinburgh ‘neds’ is both embarrassing and patronising to real locals.

Altogether the girls’ sections are good for their age but not of the normal high standard expected of The Stand. I would love to see Norman in a solo show – stop being a nice Dad!
©Anna Kay 8 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 30th(not 16th) at 14:30.
Company The Stand Comedy Club.
Company Website www.thestand.co.uk

When All You See Is Boobs. (Page 69).
Drams full glass.
Venue Jurys Inn (Venue 260).
Address 43 Jeffrey Street.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

A hotel conference room, and the three girlies of the cast emerge, and almost immediately you know you're in entertaining hands. They are air-hostesses - with a great punch-line to the sketch. There's some sexy dancing - and, believe me, boys and men and ladies of a certain persuasion, you do indeed see some boobs. There's a lap-dancing skit proving men just want sex and women - well, they wanting something different. There's a very amusing if slightly drawn-out 'type-off', done to the 'Rocky' theme. The Nun of Vengeance (a B-movie skit) is especially vivid and effective. They recite doggerel, which is amusing and even thought-provoking, and dance a bit more and we all applaud.

The three performers (Maria Walsh, Sheila Ryder and Katerina V.) are all appropriately bubbly, and this is a really lively and entertaining show, which pleased all the punters and me. It might perhaps have more in it which you wouldn't be able to see on TV from the comfort of your armchair - otherwise why bother going out? - but this is a thoroughly professional and zestful performance, with consistently intelligent scripting. Congratulations to the company!
©Ritchie Smith 16 August 2004 - Published on www.EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 28 August, 15-21 August at 18:00, and 22-28 August at 20:00.
Company MSK Productions.


Will Smith – 10 Arguments I Should Have Won . (Page 70).

Drams full glassfull glassfull glass.
Venue Pod Deco (Venue 75).
Address 7 Clerk Street.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

Will Smith presents the evidence on a series of arguments throughout his life (dating back to when he was a small boy) and asks us, the audience, to judge on whether he’s right and he ‘Should Have Won’ them. These cover an incredible range, from old arguments everyone can identify with to eccentric oddities incredibly specific to Smith.

Some of this therefore comes across as a little self-indulgent, particularly the constant music and visual materials, with which he praises himself after every argument. This is, however, from a source of incredible energy and commitment to his quest. He genuinely wants us to come down on his side and this enthusiasm helps compensate for sections which can be low on laughs. These do increase towards the end however, as Smith’s behaviour in his desire to Have Won becomes more and more disturbing!

Maybe not recommended if you sympathise with the comment heard on my way out of the auditorium ‘What was Bergerac anyway?’ Not a question to ask from a man from Jersey.
©Anna Kay 22 August 2004 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 29 at 20:15.
Company Mick Perrin Productions & Old Man Management Ltd.

(W) 3 out of 45
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