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The Edinburgh Festival 2005 - Fringe Picks

Thelma's guide and picks from the Theatre , Physical Theatre (with a few dance previews too) & Childrens Theatre Sections in the 2005 Fringe Programme.

The 2005 Fringe programme has productions listed under their titles with the company's name underneath and a short description in the main sections. There's a handy little bar of dates at the bottom of each entry so you can see which day it's on.

Don't confine yourself to one section because whilst some will appear under the section you would expect, some you may consider are musicals and physical theatre productions are listed in the main theatre section so check them all out. And there are an increasing number of comic plays in comedy.

I've mainly gone for international work premiering and for Scottish Productions at the Fringe and those with longer runs, check programme for times and days they're not on. It's a selection, there's lots more I could have recommended you go for.

Main Changes since Fringe Programme came out.

Scottish Theatre Gateway (Venue 7 ) - Whilst the Gateway's Studio 4 and The Pend Studio will be running during the Fringe the Scottish companies who were going to appear at the Gateway's main Theatre have had to move. - Vanishing Point will perform Lost Ones at The Pleasance Grand from 17 - 28 Aug at 19:05. Theatre Cryptic will perform Trojan Women at George Square Theatre 5 - 7 Aug & 15 Aug 21:30. 8 Aug 12:20, 11 - 13 Aug 23:45 and 17 - 22 Aug  & 24- 28 Aug 22:45. Box office 0131 662 8740 or 0131 226 0000. Theatre Babel will perform Macbeth at Assembly Hall from 22 - 29 Aug at 12:45. Scottish Dance Theatre will perform Luxuria by Liv Lorent at Southside on 17-21 & 23-28 August.

C o2 (or C Oxygen) (Venue 202) wil not be operating this Fringe. All its shows will be at C Electric at the same times as they are in the Fringe programme.

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre & Children Theatre.
Also of interest Edinburgh International Festival Theatre Preview.
To Book fringe tickets go to The Fringe Web Site

Theatre from the main Theatre Section (dates include any preview dates)

The Traverse - is using several venues as well as its year round base. Grid Iron's The Devil's Larder based on Jim Crace's novel is at Traverse 4 at Debenhams, there's contemporary dance in Chamber Made by Irish Coiseim Dance Theatre at the Caledonian Hilton both in Princes St, Breathe a theatrical installation at the Lyceum Studio and Peter Reder's Guided Tour in the underground passageways of the McEwan Hall. In Traverse's Cambridge St base are two World premiere Traverse Company plays one, East Coast Chicken Supper, directed by Richard Wilson and nine new plays from visiting companies, check out Snuff by Davey Anderson - Arches Theatre, Playwright Mark Ravenhill in his own play Product, John Tiffany directing a Mexican play, All look like they will be hot and the different days different times approach for many shows is retained so if you're in shows or at work you should be able to get to see them.

Other picks from the main Theatre Section-
All In The Timing - Peepolykus (page 130, 5 - 29 August not 9 or 16) Assembly at George St. Five of NY writer David Ives funny one-acters from one UKs best comic outfits. UK Premiere.

Bella And The Beautiful Knight - Silver Tongue Theatre (page 133, 3 - 28 August) Gilded Balloon Teviot.
A sister and brother are very close then Philip arrives for dinner. From the company that brought IZ.

Breakfast At Audrey's - Clyde Unity Theatre and BandBazi (Page 135, 5 - 28 August not 8, 15 or 22) Gilded Balloon Teviot.
A working class Mum looks at the life of Audrey Hepburn, written by John Binnie in an aeriel production.

Faust - Theatre Nowy, Assembly Theatre and Marshall Cordell (page 147, 5 - 29 August not 9 or 16) At Assembly at George St.
A chance to see one of Europe's outstanding companies in the outrageous vision of their director Januszz Wisniewski. UK Premiere.

Flowers Of Red - Komedia/Boston Theatrics. (Page 148, 5 - 28 August not 9, 16 or 23) At Roman Eagle Lodge.
Two young women in Rafah, Gaza face each other. Both are politically passionate, courageous and innocent . World Premiere.

The Frozen Deep - Ironduke (Page 148, 8 - 22 August not 15) At Augustine's.
It's 1845 and Franklin's expedition to find the North West passage is failing. World Premiere.

The Jew Of Malta - Teatro Della Contraddizione (Milian). (page 157, 6 - 28 August not 16) At Southside.
Christopher Marlowe's play recieves a strong physical performance.

Lilith - Act Provocateur International (page 159, 4 - 29 August) At C electric (formerly Odeon).
A sexually explicit play about the woman who rejected Adam. World Premiere.

The Mermaid And The Hare - Frantic Redhead Productions. (Page 164, 12 - 27 August not 16 or 23) At St Patrick's Church.
A new promenade play about Mary Queen of Scots performed near Holyrood Place. World Premiere.

Missing Persons - Four Tragedies And Roy Keane- Eleanor Lloyd / Critical Mass .(page 165, 5 - 29 August not 15) At Assembly at George St.
Fine RSC actor Greg Hicks in five new Colin Teevan monologues about being male now and as a Greek hero. World Premiere.

National Hero - Pleasance Theatre. (Page 167, 15 - 29 August) At Pleasance Dome.
Timothy West and Nicola MacCauliffe star in this play about a bomb disposal expert forced to choose between wife, lover and more. World Premiere.

Not A Word - Gomito Productions (page 167, 15 - 20 August) also One Act of Madness - Gomito Productions (page 169, 8 - 13 August) At Bedlam Theatre.
Two new plays from a company packed with young, special talent in one a woman fears sound, the other explores idiocy of capital punishment. World Premieres.

Pricked - Ripple in assoc with Drum Theatre, Plymouth. (Page 173, 6 - 21 August not 16) At Assembly at George St.
A woman finds out about revenge, risk and out of control retrovirus. World Premiere.

Scaramouche Jones - Painted Face Productions.(Page 177, 15 - 27 August not 21) At Bedlam Theatre.
The dark, hilarious tale of a clown.

Terrorist! The Musical - Bad Penny Theatre.
(Page 185, 4 - 28 August) At The Underbelly.
Seven unemployed terrorists set out to become entertainers, then they find their new fame is threatened. World Premiere.

Tragedian - Prodigal Theatre Company. (Page 186, various dates depending which part between 5 - 28 August) At Southside.
The story of Edmund Kean's career is given theatrical life by O'Loughlin's considerable talent. Tragedian 3 - World Premiere..

UBU - Theatre Modo. (Page 187, 6 - 28 August not 8, 15 or 22) At Baby Belly, The Caves.
Very physical and excessive performance of Jarry's strong satire gives it a a rich flavour with excellent specially composed music.

Witacky Idiota - FMC Productions. (Page 190, 15 - 20 August) At Rocket at Demarco Roxy Art House.
An extraordinary physical play about the surrealist Witkiewicz inspired by his vision.

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre And Dance & Children Theatre.

Physical Theatre. (And few dance ones.)

Firstly I highly recommend all the shows at Aurora Nova @ St Stephens - during the Fringe it's the vibrant heart of International Physical Theatre . Prime international companies like rainpan 43, Rotozaza, Jo Stromgren Kompani, Comuna Baires and Fare Anima, Fabrik Potsdam, Gecko, Do Theatre and Darren Johnston. For lots of dance check out Dance Base's programme

Other physical theatre picks
Danceforms Presents 'The 29th International Choreographers' Showcase.(Page 68, 16 - 20 August) At Rocket at Demarco Roxy Art House. World premiere.

The Drowner- Lost Dog .(page 69, 5 - 19 August) At Roman Eagle Lodge.
A bathroom story from an award winning company. World premiere.

I'll Sell The House In Which I Can Live No More - Teatr KTO.
(Page 70, 10 - 29 August) At Theatre Workshop.
Performed with out a single word from an outstanding Polish theatre company inspired by the life and death of Czech writer Hrabal. UK Premiere.

Scottish Dance Theatre - (page 72, 17- 28 August not 22) At Southside.
Ten talented dancers will perform the much loved and critically acclaimed Luxuria by Liv Lorent on August at 11.30am (running time 33 minutes).

Stitched - Rough Cut Theatre. (page 72, 4 - 28 August NB even dates only) At The Underbelly.
A new work from a company who use physical theatre dynamically. World Premiere.

Tumbuka Dance Company - Zimbabwe (page 73, 5 - 29 August not 15) At Assembly at St George's West.
When you need something to lift your spirits see Africa's foremost dance company.

Also check out other shows at The Garage - Garage Shows are listed in either Theatre or Dance and Physical Theatre in the programme. And also check out the "straight" Theatre Section picks above there's more physical theatre there.

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre And Dance & Children Theatre .

Children's Theatre.
I've picked shows that are premiering here.

And What Do We Do When We Get There? - Peter Lyalls.
(Page 8, 3 - 29 August not 16 ) At Pleasance Dome.
Stand-up and poetry from a man who knows how to entertain all. For 7+.

A Birthday Party Adventure with Hans Christian Andersen And His Fairytale Friends - Frantic Redhead Productions
.(Page 8, 5 - 15 August) At Danish Cultural Institute.
An outdoor party turns in an adventure through Andersen and his tales. For 2 - 8.

Flip To The Funny Side - The Stand Comedy Club II. (Page 10, 5 - 28 August not 15) At The Stand Comedy Club II.
When a wizard intervened Hugo had to take things seriously and his Dad has to rescue him by Blueboat's Mark Pencak. Over 4+.

Hansel And Gretel - Kipper TIE. (Page 11, 4 - 29 August) At C too.
A hew show from the company who brought the excellent "The mole Who Knew It Was None Of His Business. For 6+.

Heaven Eyes - Pop-up. (Page 11, 5 - 29 August not 17) At Pleasance Courtyard.
Dramatisation by David (Skelling) Almond of his lovely tale about love and sadness. World Premiere. For 8+.

James Campbell's Onomatopoeia Society - Fat Cat Productions. (Page 11, 4 - 28 August not 16) At Gilded Balloon Teviot.
A silly play about silly worlds what more could you ask for from the master of stand-up even children laugh at. 6+.

Phillip Pullam's 'I Was A Rat'- Collapsible Theatre Company. (Page 12, 14 - 29 August) At C.
The story of an ex-rat, someone who works at a fair and a princess. World Premiere.For 7+.

The Shelter - en masse theatre.(Page 14, 4 - 28 August not 16 or 23) At The Underbelly.
Set in WW2 when the bombs fall dare you enter the shelter in this site specific play. World Premiere. 9+.

The Snow Dragon - Tall Stories (Page 14, 4 - 29 August not 14) At C.
A new play about Billy the Goat who's wondering if the Snow Dragon will deliver him a present at New Year. 3+.

The Yarnbards - The Yarnbards (Page 15, 6 - 29 August not 22) At Pleasance Dome.
Storytellers create new tales for each audiences suggestions. 7+.

There are lots more goodies in the programme - be adventurous!

The Picks Theatre , Physical Theatre And Dance & Childrens Theatre .

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© Thelma Good July 2005 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com