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(F) 2 out of 91
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Fiona O'Loughlin (Page 48).

Drams full glass.
Venue Assembly (Venue 3).
Address 54 George Street .
Reviewer Neil Ingram.

Fiona O'Loughlin is back in Edinburgh after a break of 4 years, having previously survived being one of 7 children and the birth of 5 of her own, and spending a long period living in Alice Springs. It's a lot like Edinburgh, she says, only very much smaller, though one Australian in the audience didn't agree.

But it's her family that dominate her act - an extended family, all 94 of them, headed by her grandmother. She can't escape from them, and neither can we. The key figure is her mother Deirdre, who insisted that instead of acting she had to become a nurse. Having heard the awful story of Mrs Gershon, it's a blessing she did become an actor, and decided to let us share her experiences of family life. Birth and childhood feature in many of the stories, which culminate in the worst three events in her life. She's clearly a survivor, and her energy and warmth come across strongly in this entertaining and moving show.
©Neil Ingram 18 August 2005 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to 29 August, not 15, at 19.00.
Company - Fiona O'Loughlin.


Free South African Stand Up Comedians. (Page 34).

Dramsfull glassfull glassfull glassfull glass
Venue Laughing Horse at Lindsayís (Venue 56).
Address 15 Brunswick Street.
Reviewer Anna Kay.

Iím a great fan of the concept of the free fringe shows going on this year Ė a couple of really nice venues with a variety of different shows, costing nothing. This provides a wonderful contrast to some of the horribly over-priced shows out there.

Unfortunately we start to equate price with quality and expectations of free shows tend to be quite low. I badly wanted to be pleasantly surprised with this one, but I wasnít. The three comedians featured were just poor comedians. Compere Malcolm F has some good material, but it is lost in total lack of structure, and most of the last act set was simply incomprehensible.

Free Fringe is a great idea and there are some great-looking shows coming up at Lindsayís and The Canon's Gait. Go and see some of them - just donít go and see this one.
©Anna Kay. 11 August 2005 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 14 at 20:15 every day.
Company - UpnUnderComedy.
Company Website - http://upnundercomedy.com

(F) 2 out of 91
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