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(H) 2 out of 74
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Rich Hall. (Page 40).

Drams None needed
Venue Assembly Rooms (Venue 3).
Address 54 George Street.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

Famous Rich Hall goes straight into his routine and I immediately see why he's famous. He's just genuinely hilarious!

How a man who apparently sits on his porch 'at home in Montana, shooting gophers with a .22 rifle' can have this immediate rapport with an Edinburgh Festival audience is a tribute to his talent and to the power of comedy. He improvises humour from a broken microphone stand, he does animal testing and al-Qaeda and terrorism, he works the front row masterfully - all relaxed in striped shirt and sneakers. He's simultaneously incredibly surreal and realistic: 'Put a Kennedy in water, you've got trouble.' The Edinburgh homeless, Darwin, and Barbara Cartland's 'spinster porn' all get a good going-over - but I feel no need to say more. The man is a master. See him!
©Ritchie Smith, 10 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 28 at 22:30 every day, not 14 or 21.
Company Rich Hall.


Hello Dalai. (Page 40).
Venue Underbelly. (Venue 61).
Address 56 Cowgate (Entrance on Cowgate and Victoria Street.
Reviewer Garry Platt.

This is one of those hidden gems on the Fringe that you occasionally stumble upon and then wonder why you haven't heard about it from anybody else. This is a play with a wonderfully twisted comedy core and its one of those pieces that is perfect for the Fringe. It appears to be set in Edwardian England though there are temporal references which set it in about three other time frames, but who cares, it just makes some of the scenes all the more funnier. We discover in the opening scene that our heroine is about to travel out to India to marry her betrothed and the tail unfolds from there.

On the journey a terrible storms erupts and they crash land in Shangri-La. The journey replayed with shadow puppets is amongst one of the funniest scenes I have watched on the Fringe this year. The story then shows the slow transition from the materialistic self obsessed individuals they all are to, err, well watch it for yourself to discover what Shangri-La can truly offer you. The young cast portray a range of ridiculous characters and the writing puts them into some bizarre situations, the resulting chaos is madness with belly laughs.

There is great promise here, the comedy is surreal and very funny, occasionally the pace slackens or the timing is a little off (but it's early in the run) but I see the seeds of comedy greatness, and I suspect and hope that I have witnessed the .birth of a new comedy colossus. All the hail the new force in farce, the masters of mayhem, the commanders of comedy, the ~ well you get the idea!!
©Garry Platt 10 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs until the 27 August at 18:45 except 14 and 21.
Company - Piggy Nero.
Company Website - www.piggynero.com.

(H) 2 out of 74
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