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(L) 4 out of 74
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La Clique. (Page 50).

Drams None needed!
Venue The Spiegel Tent. (Venue 87).
Address George Sq Gardens .
Reviewer Pippa Tennant .

La Clique is totally and utterly mind-blowing. An indisputable must-see. The two hours will be spent laughing hysterically one minute, to being wide-eyed and gasping in disbelief the next. Although every night is unique, this peculiar bunch are guaranteed to mesmerise you with their songs, comedy, dance and acrobatics.

From the mischievous Norwegian rubber man, Captain Frodo, who squeezes and manipulates himself in ways never deemed imaginable to the gravity defying acrobats of the Caesar Twins, each act is outstanding and overflowing with fun. So diverse, we've got seriously sexy dancing in skimpy outfits to grannies rapping, with us as her back up group, to the breath-taking operatic voice of Ali McGregor.

It would be impossible to applaud this bizarre blend of enormously entertaining artists enough. Need I say more? Waste no time, get one of these high demand tickets now by whatever means necessary. .
©Pippa Tennant 23 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com .
Runs to August 28 at 23:30 every day.
Company - La Clique.


Laurence Clark – Jim Fixed It For Me. (Page 51).

Drams None needed.
Venue Pleasance Dome. (Venue No 23)
Address 1 Bristo Square.
Reviewer Anna Kay .

For anyone who has seen Laurence Clark flyering on the Royal Mile, the first thing you need to know is that he is not a disabled comedian. He is a very, very good one.

This show deals with his traumatic experience of being on Jim’ll Fix It sixteen years ago, and covers all related topics of expectation and disappointment. From start to finish he has the audience in his hand and this is the first show this Fringe I wasn’t glad to get out of. Clark draws on his experience with cerebral palsy for his comedy, but only in the same way as any comic draws on their own life experience, and not one of the bursts of audience laughter comes from sympathy. He is a brilliant observational comedian. He effortlessly manages to be offended without being offensive, to be angry without being bitter and to leave you thinking, but mostly leave you laughing.

The only problem with this experience was the venue. I realise that a raked auditorium is somewhat of a luxury during the Fringe, but Jim Fixed It for Me is a show that is genuinely enhanced by its multimedia and visual comedy – it was a shame not to have had a full view. However, at no point does Clark rely on these visuals, so I would not only recommend this show but urge everyone to go out and buy a ticket immediately.
©Anna Kay 14 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 27 at 19:30.
Company – Amused Moose Comedy & Tongue In Cheek Comedy.
Company Website - www.laurenceclark.co.uk .


Lizzie Roper in Peccadillo Circus. (Page 52).
Drams .
Venue Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14).
Address 13 Bristo Square.
Reviewer Ritchie Smith.

This show starts with black and white photographs of - well, people. What are they thinking? What sexual practises do they favour? Because this show is (whisper it quietly) ALL ABOUT SEX!!!

Apparently punters have been walking out, but nobody did on the night I was there. It's actually not that strong, and really controversial issues (like paedophilia) get no airing here. Lizzie Roper (using earphones and iPod to listen to the originals) mimics a large cast of characters, including a 76 year old Jungian analyst, Americans (gay and straight-ish), an Irishwoman who loves pornography, a drawling Dominatrix, and a lonely Brit who cruises women via the Internet. There are indeed some interesting observations, and a fair few laughs. I noticed some people would look uninterested during certain monologues, as others were laughing - and during other monologues it was the other way round. So, something for almost everyone - if more like unusually slick fringe theatre with laughs than out-and-out stand-up. (And it struck me while listening that most English accents really are ugly!)

Lastly, was it erotic? Well, maybe. For some. But was it erotic for me? I would say 'not really', except that I broke my pen. Let the Freudians among you draw their own conclusions!
©Ritchie Smith, 13 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com.
Company Lizzie Roper - Festival Highlights.
Runs to August 28 (not 16) at 18:30 every day.


Lucy Porter - The Good Life . (Page 53).
Drams .
Venue Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33).
Address 60 The Pleasance.
Reviewer Leanna Rance.

Everyone loves Lucy. It's not conjecture, it's a Fringe fact. As delightful as a stroll across the Meadows, as naughty as a deep-fried Mars Bar, she appeals to festival-goers across the board. And tonight Lucy Porter is the usual ray of sunshine. Ironically it's the very nature of her broad-based appeal - that charming effervescence that captivates her audiences, which has always distanced her from the awards judges affections. She is, well, too damn entertaining. And that's an increasingly dirty word in comedy these days.

The subject matter she covers doesn't break new ground, that's not really the intention. As a thirty-something singleton her perspectives on life, love and lust (and gay men and cats) are delivered exactly as one would expect. With sauciness, candor and aplomb. But beneath the sugar-coated exterior lies a sharp brain and even sharper writing skills. She knows her craft inside-out. She also knows how to make it look effortless.

The Good Life is themed around her desires to be a better, greener, more conscientious person generally. From ethical consumerism "green 4x4 drivers are powered by their own smugness…" to World Cup 'Believe' branded Mars Bars "I resent being told what to do by a snack…" she tackles middle-class issues with exactly the right mix of cheekiness and insight, much to the satisfaction of her doting middle-class audience.

As always the darker, edgier material goes down a storm. Tales of masturbation with root vegetables, water sports (no, we're not talking jet-skiing here), and foot fetishism are recounted with the usual sweet, disingenuous coyness.

This is not a show one ponders for long after the closing curtain - but it's a damn good night out nevertheless.
© Leanna Rance - 10 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com.
Runs to 28th August at 21.30 every day, excepting 8, 15.
Company - Lucy Porter.

(L) 4 out of 74
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