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(F) 2 out of 17
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The Factory (Page 82).

Drams None needed!
Venue BabyBelly (Venue 88).
Address The Caves, Niddry St South.
Reviewer Chris Mounsey.

Entering the musty Babybelly 1, one is greeted by dim beams of light making the electric chair at the back of the set just barely visible - standing in front of it, motionless and topless, stands Al Seed. It is an arresting scene and, once the industrial music starts up, we can see what we are in for.

It is clowning of the very best sort - Al Seed's movements are co-ordinated with the music and a sense of urgency infects us as he silently pontificates from his desk. When the button is pushed, the tone of the piece changes to something more pathos-ridden. It is physical theatre and very difficult to describe, but this reviewer was transfixed by the movements and music which were, by turns, frightening, appealing, pathetic. Al Seed is a clown, in the true sense, at the very top of his game: his body can be rubber or hard as iron, his movements assured and threatening or coy and wheedling.
When the show finally ended and our host had left the stage, a member of the audience behind me exploded: "That was absolutely incredible". He was not wrong.
© Chris Mounsey August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com .
Runs to August 27 at 16.35 every day.
Company - Arches Theatre Company.
Company Website - www.thearches.co.uk .


Flame and Fury. (Page 82).
Drams .
Venue The Spiegel Garden . (Venue 87).
Address George Square Gardens .
Reviewer Pippa Tennant .

A combination of Celtic music and the flamenco dance, Flame and Fury dazzles us with the dynamic dancing of Tote Conte and the lucid sounds of Martin Swan, Alison Crawford, James McIntosh and Luke Plumb. This band, enchantingly led by Swan, consists of two fiddles, bongos and a guitar. They have one of those relaxed rapports in which they smile and nod at each other, and at us, creating a friendly and liberating atmosphere.

There is part of me that longs for more than one dancer to create a bit more variety. But this is a reflection of my short concentration span rather than the talent of Conte. True to flamenco custom, dance after dance is a test of stamina for this lone performer and Conte proves to us that she is not lacking an ounce. She gracefully stamps the stage floor (surprisingly loudly), swishing her beautiful layered skirts as she twists, turns, shakes and poses to the lively rhythms of Irish, Scottish and Norwegian music.

They leave to "whoos" from the audience, who despite the average age being 60, are waving and screaming for more. A very enjoyable evening.
©Pippa Tennant 17 August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 17 at 20:00 every day
Company - Flame and Fury.

(F) 2 out of 17
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