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Nova Reflections (Page 84).
Drams .
Venue Greyfriars Kirkhouse (Venue 28).
Address 86 Candlemaker Row.
Reviewer Chris Mounsey.

Your humble reviewer and his friends have a long-standing joke about the boring pretentiousness of physical dance theatre, but at least it is theatre; pure dance, one would have thought, would not even have that. As such, your humble reviewer was not looking forward to seeing Nova Reflections. How wrong he was.

On The Runn are a company who believe that "dance should be an accessible art to all" and, having seen this show, I can heartily approve of the sentiment. Nova Reflections is a collection of five dances, set to music. Quite apart from the pleasure that your humble scribe found in watching six physically fit young women - and a lone but graceful man - throwing themselves around a stage, the show was both exciting and relaxing all at once.

There is something incredibly graceful and powerful about human bodies moving in synchronicity and these dancers were a pleasure to watch; furthermore, the second dance, Vice Versa, remains the most sensual thing that I have ever seen on stage. The allotted hour flew by and I was sad to see the show end.

It is too late to catch this show at the Fringe, but keep an eye out for On The Runn: catch them if you can.
© Chris Mounsey August 2006 - Published on EdinburghGuide.com
Runs to August 20 at 19.45 every day.
Company - On The Runn.

(N) 1 out of 17
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