City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Bacon/ Lautrec

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 12 August 2007

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Potlatch Theatre Company
Running time: 
Andy Cargill and Michael Clay (writers), Stephen Dulson (lighting, sound and technical)
Michael Clay, Ben Cave, Andy Cargill, Caitlen Edwards

The Fringe in recent years has become dominated by a selection of high profile venues and so it was good to go to a show being held in a traditional small Fringe venue, to return to what the Fringe is all about – namely anybody can come and perform, professional and non-professional. Staging small productions at affordable prices, like Bacon/Lautrec is what encapsulates the essence of the Fringe.

The show deals with two painters, both of whom were on a self-destructive path. Francis Bacon ("for me, chaos suggests images") enhanced his melancholia by drinking excessively and engaging in sado-masochistic practices. Henri Toulouse-Lautrec on the other hand was besotted with the low life of Paris, became an alcoholic and developed syphilis.

Michael Clay (portraying Bacon) and Ben Cave (as Lautrec) created a convincing performance of these artists – not an easy task when working on a small stage. They engaged the audience effectively in the story of the characters’ (almost) tragic lives.Bacon “brought his subjects to death” whilst Lautrec – with his bon viveur attitude – “brought his subjects to life.”

Times: 1.30pm, 13,15,17 August.