City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Che Guevarra On the Fringe - Evonne Keron Strikes Back

By Steve Murdoch - Posted on 06 August 2007

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The Mash House
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Keiran Butler, Austin Low, Michelle Wilson

again, Trey Guevara and Frankie McCastro return from the future, (2017 to be precise) to rouse apathetic and blinkered Festival-goers into sparking a revolution, thus saving the Fringe from total corporate sell-out.

Combining aspects of Evita, Star Wars and the Enid Blyton Guide to the Communist Manifesto, and audience interaction, Austin Low and Keiran Butler and Michelle Wilson rally the troops against the sanitisation and commercialism of the Fringe.

trio reveal a great ability to ad-lib and interact with the audience and the points made about the pricing of tickets, accommodation and fish 'n' chips during the festival would make a capitalist blush. A certain ‘big-name' comedians (well, a certain ‘big-name' comedian) gets the full brunt of Trey and Frankie's ire. With songs you can sing along to (because the tunes are very, very
familiar!) and a sense of chaotic fun, ‘Che Guevara' is a highly entertaining piece of work.

show features a plot based on fact, rumour, innuendo and heaps of B.S.. It rounds off with a walk around the revolutionary sites of the Fringe and a storming of the Fringe Box Office with
demands for free tickets... Viva La Revolution!

Date: 2 - 26 Aug (not 13)

Time: 4pm