American Poodle

Submitted by Editor on Mon, 13 Aug '07 10.45am
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Guy Masterson Productions
Peter McNally (Snowball director ), Guy Masterson (writer), John Clancy (Splayfoot director), Brian Parks (writer)
Guy Masterson (Snowball), David Calvitto (Splayfoot)
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This is truly a play of two pairts as they once said in Scotland. Guy Masterson leads off the first part with Snowball the historic commentator. He gives us a verbal history of English empirical philosophy delivered in the style of football parlance, embroidered by wonderful historic character cameos. Mostly, they are Englishmen who featured in the development or the destruction of the American colonies, as well as those who were responsible for creating its
independence from the English crown.

David Calvitto as Splayfoot is superb as the stereo-typed
American who relates the development of the philosophy of the American, post
revolution to the present day.

Wonderful cross references from history with contemporary USA,
like George Washington being George W. In Splayfoot we see all that is naive
and annoying about our American cousins. In Snowball we see all that was rank
about imperialism. Excellently translated by both players, this an excellent
piece of work both in its writing and production with a very apt conclusion.

Times 5pm, 2-27 August, Wildman Room