City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Orkesetra del Sol

By Barbara Bryan - Posted on 14 August 2007

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Orkestra del Sol
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Orkestra del Sol
Tim, Oli, Greg, Cammy, Marcos, Jamie, Phil, Ogz, Matt, Tom

Imagine a street wedding in a town somewhere in Eastern Europe. The sun is shining, everybody is smiling, having fun and dancing to the music of the big band. As their name suggests - Orchestra of the Sun - this is the atmosphere Orkestra del Sol effortlessly create wherever they play, at street Arts Festivals or gigs like the Spiegel Tent.

A 10 piece band (9 guys and 1 girl) their line up of accordion, saxophone, clarinet, violin, trumpet, drums and enormous souzaphone, is inspired by the celebratory music of the Balkans. And last night at the Spiegel Tent they were determined the audience would have a good time. They succeeded.

Writing a lot of their own material, the band create a really tight, distinctive sound and are great entertainers. They know how to work an audience and had us up all dancing the polka and calypso together. A great band. If you want to feel good, go and see them, for their music exudes fun and happiness.

Times: 8pm, 14, 21, 22