City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Miss Sign-On

By Gordon Clayton - Posted on 04 August 2008

Miss Sign-On
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Elizabeth Park (director), Stefan Bednarczyk (musical director), James Lewis (set)
Marnie Baumer (the diva), Ben Tolley, Marlon Moore, Alice Keedwell, Jamie Anderson, and Claire Greenway (multiple parts)

"To-night you will be Miss Saigon," but tomorrow you may be Miss Sign-On: The Untold Story of a Diva on the Dole.

This new musical charts the downfall of a diva whose star is on the wane. The venue, a sophistocated container unit outside the plush George Square Theatre, epitomises the theme of the show. However, the basic setting in the best traditions of the Fringe are quickly forgotton as the story unfolds.

The music accompaniment is mainly played softly on keyboard by various members of the cast allowing every word of the lyrics to be heard and appreciated. The spiral from star through perceived humiliations to learned humility is charted in a number of funny scenes and good songs. The music, although not memorable in a commercial sense, includes one song about why the star age has arrested at 26 years and one by her agent about his comission and contempt for actors.

The opening of "Stuttgart, Stuttgart" is a good parody on a famous song and if you can make it there your career is heading in the wrong direction! The cast is ably led by Marnie Baumer and supported by 5 other actors who double and treble up on parts without ever losing credibility. The numerous changes to the clever but minamalist set are also carried out by the cast together with several costume changes so their considerable talent and ability to multi-task should hopefully keep them out of the local job centre. In a studio setting you could see that this production played to a smiling and engaged audience.

Runs to August 25 (not 11 or 18) at 21:20