City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

City Guide to Edinburgh, Scotland

Andrew Lawrence - Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

By JD Stewart - Posted on 20 August 2008

Andrew Lawrence: Nothing to laugh at...apart from a moth.
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Andrew Lawrence

"Everything you have is never enough" claimed Andrew Lawrence, in yet another venue where you could cook meat. But, his interesting point, and indeed his whole show, seemed to be lost in a flurry of bad accents, lack of laughs and his incessant need to shout down the microphone.

Dressed in semi-smart attire, Lawrence claimed that he had the face of a sex-offender, a joke that seemed to garner a lot more laughter from the audience than he expected. For sixty minutes, Lawrence managed to wander around the stage like a lost little boy, regularly fumbling over his words into the microphone. To me, he just seemed incredibly unsure of himself, something that is quite disheartening when some of the jokes were actually quite funny.

Lawrence really began to find his feet as the show came to a close. At times, his observations on the general public caused small bursts of laughter. Lawrence also made a really interesting end statement that was borderline inspirational, in a non-preachy way.

Overall, it was really quite sad that it was not Lawrence himself that gained the most laughs, but a rogue moth that kept flying into him while he was on stage. Not only that, but the person who worked behind the lighting desk trying to catch it was also a bit of a joke. Lawrence's random and self-indulgent humour may be up to some people's standards, but it left this reviewer looking for something more that just didn't seem to come.

Times: Aug 1-24 at 21:45